Bored on Holidays


So due to my company’s financial year ending in April, I’ve had to take this week off as holiday to use up most of my remaining days.  The timing of it works perfectly because of the upcoming Easter weekend, giving me 10 full days (including the weekends) off from work.

The only thing is.. I’m bored.

Because it was kind of last minute (agreed to it only a couple weeks ago), I didn’t get around to planning anything for it.  If I’d had the forethought, I might have booked a cheap mini-break somewhere warm, or even looked at going home to Canada for a bit (although the prices for that were well out of my puny budget 😦 ).

Instead, the only thing I have planned this week is the start of my physiotherapy on Thursday evening.  Real exciting..

Other than going to the local Starbucks on Sunday and popping out last night to grab a take away, I haven’t been out of the house since I got home super late Saturday night (see previous post).

Man using laptop computer at coffee shopI’ve done nothing but sleep, eat, marathon-watch Netflix (re-watching ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’), and well, wish I was out doing anything other than sitting at home alone.

I have messaged a few people over the past couple days to suggest we meet up at some point during the week to hang out.  But I’ve gotten nothing back other than non-committal ‘I’ll let you know, enjoy your holidays’ responses, if they’ve acknowledged my suggestion at all.

Interestingly, I know of a couple guys who are currently off work, either between jobs or have days off in the week, and who I haven’t seen or hung out with in ages.. But even they don’t seem to want to get together.

It’s starting to make me wonder if there’s something I’m doing to push these people away.  Or more accurately, if there’s some reason why they don’t want to hang out.

Sure, I don’t exactly live centrally at the moment, but I’m willing to travel into town this week to do things.  It’s much better than the alternative – sitting in my bedroom, getting more and more stir-crazy from the boredom, because I know none of them will travel out to Woolwich to see me.

Of course, I haven’t exactly done anything all that exciting today.  I’ve packed up my laptop, jumped on the train to London Bridge, and found a nearby coffee shop with free wi-fi.

Talk about living the high life. LOL

The only offer to meet up at some point this week has come from an Indian chaser I used to chat to ages ago.  And his idea of meeting up is specifically for sex….


A new squirrel friend..

Hmmm.. I don’t know about that, but we’ll see.  It’s not like I’ve got an actual boyfriend or anything. 😉

Sure, I could easily spend the week doing some cheap touristy things around London, like walking along the Thames, going to museums, exploring some new area I’ve never been to before, go read in a park (if it’s not too cold or windy).

And I may do just that.

Guess I just wish I had someone to do them with.  Sure as hell be a lot more fun.


8 thoughts on “Bored on Holidays

  1. ivansblogworld

    Being single does have advantages you don’t have to share the bathroom, make the bed, plan anything, compromise. Do you feel better! Being in a big city can be very lonely, flip side you not alone. As you walk alone many other people are in similar situations, you just one of those brave people who is honest about singleton and life. Do you feel better! This may sound harsh, if the people around you cannot make the effort as you are prepared to do rethink if they actully belong in your world. Do you feel better! If all of this non wise words don’t make you feel better, have a drnk or too or more that sure does make you feel amazing, just wish that figured out the after effects. And lastly I WAS GIDDY AS THE GAY WISHARD FROM HARRY POTTER, reading your post. Ivan.

    • LOL no, I don’t feel better, but I at least got out of the house and spent some time wandering along the river towards Waterloo, then up into Soho for a drink. Not an exciting day, but it beat sitting around my bedroom like yesterday lol

      Oh and funnily enough, an upcoming post (tomorrow or Thursday) is a self-help article about feeling better about being single. Yep.. trying to write myself happy again. LOL

  2. A Guy Without Boxers

    If it’s your free time, get out and do some of the fun things that YOU want to do. Don’t waste the time worrying about anyone else. Sometimes just getting out and doing something “fun” puts you in the position to meet other interesting people. That’s how Aaron and I met…and now, almost 6 years later…we’re getting…see Monday, April 6 post on my blog. Much love and many naked hugs! Keep the positive outlook, Martin, my blogging buddy! 🙂

    • Oh you’re such a tease! Hahahaha I ended up having a relatively nice day yesterday. Walked along the Thames, listened to some buskers sing, went into Soho for a drink, etc. Didn’t chat to anyone but at least I wasn’t sitting at home in my room. Lol

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