Laziness or Hibernation


Yeah that’s right, I’ve been a right lazy ass over the past several weeks.  And I don’t just mean because of the lack of posts on here since the New Year, though that is part of it.

More than usual, all I seem to want to do lately in my spare time is relax on my sofa with Netflix playing on the laptop, while I play around on my iPad or read on the Kindle.

I get up.  I go to work.  I come home, and *plop* – my butt is firmly implanted on my little sofa in my bedroom, and I don’t generally move until it’s time to go to bed.

Other than dinner at a friend’s place a couple times and my monthly bowling night, the last time I really went out was on New Year’s Eve.  Hell, even when I hung out with a local mate this past Friday night, it was drinking wine on my sofa watching cheesy movies.

I’ve stopped what little social life I’d had before the holidays, and you know the funny thing?  I’m not really missing it.

'Hello, reception, can I have a wake-up call in spring please?'And no, I’m surprisingly not feeling depressed or upset with the world around me.  Instead it’s more of a hibernation.. I’m just doing my best to stay warm in my icebox of a bedroom (usually curled close to the weak electric heater).

Perhaps I’m just bored of the London scene, and how there’s never really anything new to do or anyone new to meet.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy going out and it would be nice to be able to.  I’ve been invited out a couple times by a dear friend, but I’ve had to turn him down due to being broke as hell (January has been a very tight month financially..).

It could partly be the finance side of things is what has been making me stay at home all the time, but I think it’s more than just that.

Before the holidays whenever I’d spend an entire weekend on my own, usually feeling sorry for myself, I’d feel frustrated that I was wasting entire weekends sitting at home.  That I could possibly be missing out on something by staying home all the time.  That I’d never meet someone interesting by watching Netflix all weekend.

But what I’m finding interested these days when those feelings start to crop up, I just seem to dismiss them as unimportant.  And then I continue to enjoy my time alone and watch another episode of whatever TV show I’m marathon watching (currently a mix of Merlin and the original Life on Mars).

Is there a downside to all this time alone?  Of course there is, and surprisingly it’s not loneliness or feeling horny.  😉

I can’t stop freakin’ eating!! Hahahahahaha I’m snacking more now than I ever used to be, and have probably put on a few pounds, despite my efforts to eat lots of salads and such throughout the week.

Anyway, I know I’ve always been somewhat of a homebody, barely leaving the house unless I had somewhere specific I had to go.

River view towards Canary WharfBut there are times when I can’t help but think that maybe I should do something on my days off.  Like maybe go for a walk along the river, or go check out the (gay) pubs and such in nearby Greenwich.  Or maybe take my laptop to a coffee shop to a different area just for a change of pace (the local Starbucks is a 5 minute walk from my place lol).

Perhaps I’ve partly been such a shut in lately because of where I’m now living, as it takes a lot longer to get anywhere than before and it costs more (due to being further out from central).  But that’s probably more of an excuse than an actual reason.

I’m hibernating, plain and simple.  It be nice for someone to join me (like my mate did this past Friday night), but I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist because nobody will join me. Lol

Instead I’m going to continue to enjoy the quiet while it lasts, and do my best to keep this calm relaxed mentality I’ve seemed to have adopted since the holidays.

And look forward to a possible trip to Manchester end of next month with my bestie P from Scotland.  Finances willing, obviously. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Laziness or Hibernation

  1. ivansblogworld

    So glad to read your post. Nothing wrong with staying at home it is a safe place. And so glad you not going to the dark place. Hopefully going forward you will find that social life again and looking forward to you posts as always. Ivan

    • Thanks Ivan. Not so worried about the social life thing at the moment, just content to keep warm and get my money’s worth from my Netflix account LOL And yeah, I’m glad I’m not in my dark place these days either.

      • ivansblogworld

        I admire you so much for being so proactive against the dark place. Netflix rocks. We have Apple TV as well. Life is good. Ivan

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Hey Martin! As long as you’re content and not depressed, there’s nothing wrong with staying home and managing your finances. The money to pay for the holidays of the future has to be accumulated somehow! LOL! Honestly, during the frigid, dreary months of winter, I’m perfectly content at home, myself! I’d rather be warm and nude rather than in clothes and freezing my ASSets! 😉 Much love and naked hugs, my blogging buddy!

    • Thanks Roger 😀 Yeah, definitely not minding the hibernating this year.. and funny enough, just about to book a trip end of February.. to glamorous and ‘sunny’ Manchester LOL Not quite a beach holiday, but will be fun as my best mate from Scotland is meeting me there. 😀

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