Where’s the Bears at, Manchester?


So here we are, my best mate P and I, half way through our trip to Manchester.  And over the past couple nights we’ve been asking ourselves – and each other – the same thing..

Where the hell are all the damn bears????

I’d always heard/assumed that Manchester had a big bear community, especially since the annual British Bear Bash party is (was?) one of the biggest in the UK. Kind of a safe assumption I’d say, right?

But imagine our surprise to arrive in Manchester and there’s no dedicated bear bar or pub. That when we’ve asked around as to where to go, we’re directed to a bar full of leather men and guys wearing latex (think there was a fetish party going on somewhere), and to the prerequisite Eagle which just wasn’t that busy. 

Maybe we’re missing something. Maybe there’s some hidden gem of a bear bar that nobody’s telling us about (and is so hidden you can’t even find it on the Internet lol). 

Maybe there just aren’t any guys in Manchester either of us would find attractive. Maybe they’ve all moved away. Lol

Or maybe there really isn’t that big of a scene here after all (Growlr would say otherwise…). Or maybe they’re all partnered off and sitting at home on a Friday night. 

I dunno.  All I do know is we’ve both been pretty underwhelmed by the city so far, and that’s disappointing. It’s not a horrible city at all, in fact it’s quite clean and seems nice.. but just doesn’t seem like there’s anything to do. 

Other than drink and shop.

Or maybe I’m just so used to London (and P used to Glasgow/Edinburgh) where there’s always something to do, something touristy, something fab and interesting. 

Or maybe we’re just missing something. 

Oh well, still another couple days to go. Hopefully something interesting will pop up.. Once we finally crawl out of bed with our hangovers. 😉

7 thoughts on “Where’s the Bears at, Manchester?

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Happy hunting for the rest of your holiday! Did you check the bear-bare-caves? LOL! Have fun, Martin! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. Hello! Brand new to your blog. It is defiantly not fun if you can’t find the place you were hoping to find. Hopefully you found before leaving Manchester. LOL

    I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog soon and its great to finally find other gay male bloggers!

    • Ahh, thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoy the rest of the blog! To be honest, we’d given up trying to find the rest of the bears or where they hung out why the second night, so just concentrating on enjoying ourselves.. even if we didn’t have any eye-candy LOL

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