Getting Snappy


I’m finding more and more these days that it’s a struggle to keep myself out of the ‘dark place’.  To keep my spirits up and try to look at each new day as something exciting or interesting, even if all I’m doing is my usual daily routine.

And I think I was kind of succeeding with this over the past few weeks despite the lacklustre goings on in my life.  I’ve been doing my best to just enjoy my free time by watching my favourite television shows (Doctor Who marathon anyone?), relaxing on my sofa, and relishing the rare opportunities to spend time with mates.

Unfortunately this hasn’t been going so well for the past week or two, and I’m finding myself stressed out and desperately looking forward to some well-deserved time off work next week (I’m off to Manchester next weekend with my best mate P from Scotland).

I know a lot of this stress and anxiety I’m feeling is due to a few changes at work (something I don’t tend to write much about on here..), where we’ve finally gotten some new staff in to replace the ones that quit/were fired over the holidays.  Normally I enjoy the challenge of showing new people how things work and the processes that need to be followed, but this time I’m finding it too much.

For some reason, it feels like it’s all coming down on me to show the newbies the ropes, which results in a constant bombardment of questions that pulls me away from the work I need to get done.

468737-stressIt’s not so much the questions themselves, but how it’s the same ones over and over again, mostly from this one particular guy.  He’s picked up most of the system processes, but anything else he feels this need to reconfirm on a daily basis, despite us telling him to write things down.

And sometimes he comes out with the most ridiculous questions that either don’t make any sense at all or are just plain stupid.

Gawd, how I hate using that word about someone, especially when I think he’s actually just insecure.  I keep trying to get him to think for himself, but instead he’d rather re-ask the same questions just to make sure.. which then makes me snappy and frustrated to no end.  And once he’s completed the tasks he’s been ‘told’ to do, he’ll just sit there and chill while the rest of us are still working away until end of shift (and beyond some days) as if there wasn’t anything else to do.. and he doesn’t ask if there is.

The worst was this past Friday when I was alone with all 3 of the newbies (my boss had booked the day off.. damn her hahaha), and I couldn’t get anything done.

But when it took me close to 2 hours to do one simple task because I was constantly having to give them directions or tell them what needed to be done next (which they should know by now), I couldn’t help snapping at them.  And that’s not like me at work at all.

too much to do at workSome of the management have commented in the past how I’m always calm and cool regardless of what is going on or what needs to be done.  And this is exactly how I want to be at work.

Unfortunately the stress of the day got the better of me, and I was frazzled all day long.  Something a couple of my colleagues in the office noticed and kept (discretely) checking in on me to see if there was anything they could do to help..

But not any of the management, surprisingly enough.  Hmmm..

Anyway, luckily the supervisor is back to work on Monday, and we’ll have a busy couple of days to ensure we get ahead of the game before I have my time off from Thursday.

Though hopefully it isn’t as bad for her while I’m off until the following Wednesday.. but then again, can’t predict anything I suppose.

Guess I’ll have to write a second post about the stresses in my personal life.. Watch this space. 😉

6 thoughts on “Getting Snappy

  1. ivansblogworld

    Always glad to read your posts. That “Dark Place” has also not completly left my side either. However I no longer fear this feeling of darkness, as fear is my biggest energy. Sorry to hear about work, how strange that people do the minimal about of work, but expect maximum assistance and benefits. Maybe it’s benefical to you to get snappy and allow this frustration to be vented, better than keeping it all bottled up. Glad you off for some well deserved break away from work, home and the current landscape. Nothing wrong with Dr Who!! Hope you have a good half week at work. Ivan.

    • Thanks Ivan, always great to hear from you. Think I’ll take a few moments to talk things over with the supervisor, as she’ll have to sit down with him to get him on course. Or at least I hope that’ll help… But yeah, am totally counting down to my time off. Bring on the Manchurian guys!! lol

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Hey Martin, my “long-lost” buddy, I was just thinking about you this morning! Missed you, man! I, too, and having a difficult time lately, but that is typical for me this time of the year. From the middle of February until the arrival of Spring is a rough period for me because I am so tired of Winter and all-to-ready for the seasonal change.

    At work, take a deep breath and stay patient. Your co-workers and new staff trust you and you want to keep that confidence. Also, when giving task assignments, always end with: when you complete this project, start on…! That lets them know there is something else for them to do after their current job. 🙂

    Mucl love and many naked hugs, Martin. Enjoy your time in Manchester and have a beary-delightful holiday! 😉

    • Ahhh thanks Roger! I’ve missed being online past few weeks.. just been really lazy really LOL

      As for work, it’s not really my job to assign the tasks, but my boss was off on Friday so I was in charge. Guess sometimes I get so used to just doing what I need to do and occasionally support the others that I’d forgotten how much support and guidance they still need after a few weeks.

      But it’ll be fine.. though now my boss is dreading the 4 days I’m on holidays Hahahaha

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