TOM – Movie Teaser


tom-of-finland-untitled-1963-ToFF-63.25So, apparently they’re doing a bio-pic on the life of the artist known to the world as ‘Tom of Finland‘ .. it will be filmed in 2014, and released in 2015.

Somehow unfamiliar with Tom of Finland’s work? Read the film’s YouTube summary:

Until the year 1971, being gay in Finland could land you in jail for years. There was a boy born in 1920.

In his childhood, he drew pictures of naked men. While drawing, he wore only leather boots.

As a young man, he fought in the war and had sex with his fellow soldiers, both Finnish and German.

During his adulthood, he lived a double life. By day, a talented advertising artist and a pianist, by night a genius creator of erotic drawings.

We remember him through leather, huge muscles, even larger cocks and humour — empowering the masculine gay man. We know who Tom of Finland is. Now meet Touko.

The clip below is more of a teaser for the film than anything, since it hasn’t even been filmed yet.

But it will definitely be interesting to see behind all those iconic pictures and learn the story behind the artist themselves.

Enjoy 😉