Love, Religion & The Grammys


For anyone who’s been living under a rock the past few days, something absolutely beautiful and historic happened on The Grammys on Sunday night – Samelove33 couples, straight and gay, were married live while gay anthem ‘Same Love’ was performed by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Madonna and Mary Lambert.

It was absolutely touching and hanky worthy as you could feel the love in the room as these couples were wed by Queen Latifah .. I don’t think she actually officiated, as I think I saw a priest or minister of some sort with the couples.

For those that missed it, here’s the clip:

You crying yet?  I know I was when I watched it.  It wasn’t about the artists or the show itself, it was about showing the world that love is love, regardless of your sexuality.

At least that’s what I got out of it.. whereas others didn’t see it that way, with many taking to Twitter with anti-gay chatter against this display of love.  According to an article on The Huffington Post, hateful Tweets were sent by people likethe American Family Association’s notoriously anti-gay Bryan Fischer, as well as Fox News’ Todd Starnes, among others

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Most of these messages against what occurred on The Grammys spouted ‘family values’ or that the event was ‘anti-Christian’.

Just one example of the anti-gay Tweeters

Just one example of the Tweets trying to turn the ceremony into something that it wasn’t.

Personally I don’t get it or how these people can’t see how beautiful and unique this was.  This was not done to be political or to ‘affront’ those with supposed Christian or Family values.  This was done to show the world that love is an amazing thing and should be rejoiced not put down.1555471_252559691571971_1428508902_n

I don’t generally get too into discussing religious beliefs, let alone criticising them, but I personally think it’s these so-called religious groups that should stop to take stock of their values and message, since they seem to be well off the page they claim to be preaching from.

For example, from what little I know about Christianity, doesn’t one of the values under the Trinity state that ‘God loves everyone unconditionally’?  Wouldn’t that mean the message of ‘God’ would be to love one’s neighbour and embrace everyone?  Nowhere in this article on BBC about the basics of Christian beliefs does it say anything about spouting hateful remarks against those that are different, let alone anything against Homosexuals.

Personally I think somewhere along the way these religious groups have lost their ‘righteous’ path and need to work on leaving the hate behind to focus on the love.

Don’t think that I’m anti-religion, because I’m not.. sort of.  I can understand some people’s need to follow a set of beliefs as a way to live their lives, be it through how they were brought up or something they’ve found later on in life.  There are many people who are quite happy with their beliefs and are still able to love those around them for who they are, not based on who they love.

Everyone has a right to their beliefs and to stand up for those same beliefs, just not in a manner that is hateful and hurtful to those that oppose them.  There is no one single set of beliefs every person in the world should adhere to.  As long as people are good and live their life authentically, who’s that truly harming?

In the end, love is love, regardless of who you love.  There just needs to be more love in the world.

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