Bear With Me


Haven’t disappeared again… just life gets busy sometimes, and before you know it several weeks have passed.

Plus it’s summertime and the weather has been faaaab for once in the UK (recent heat wave), so been enjoying it where I can.

Though sadly have only been to the beach once. . Need to fix that. 😉

Summer Has FINALLY Arrived


That’s right, London is finally getting some decent weather.. especially nice after the gawd-awful April and May we’ve had.  It basically rained daily for 3 or 4 weeks.. it was very depressing to say the least.

Sometimes we don’t always realise it but the weather can definitely have an adverse affect on our moods and happiness levels.

Me personally, I always feel much better when it’s warm and sunny out.  Being out in the sun is a quick mood lifter.  And when it’s all grey and gloomy, I can sometimes get down on myself.

This was especially true over this past April/May while I was off work.  Day after day of rain and gloomy skies, and I was sitting at my computer spending all day looking through job ads… And not getting many responses back.

It can get very demoralizing after awhile… and I definitely found myself sliding down a slippery slope (as I’ve previously talked about HERE) and for the longest time I couldn’t see past all the negative stuff in my life.

It just totally figures that the moment I started back to work (started back with my old company this past Monday), the weather would suddenly get gorgeous.. and I’m stuck in a shirt and a tie in an office.  Bugger.  lol

Interestingly though, not much has changed about my social life, which I think was the main gripe I had at that time (other than the ‘no job’ thing of course).  I still spend way too much time alone, and I still go out alone.

Prime example was last Saturday night.. I went down the street to The Eagle, which is kind of my local it seems (or at least that’s where I’ve been going), and although it was kind of busy I spent the entire night not talking to anyone.

I didn’t have a horrible time.. didn’t have a great time either, though it was an odd night.

The Eagle is known for being more of a men’s bar.. a bit bear, a bit leather, a bit muscular.  Pretty much like any other Eagle around the world (most big cities have one).  Only, this past Saturday night, there were about a dozen twinks there… and after a bit, all the beary, masculine guys seemed to all leave.

Ummm.. anyway.. I’m sure I had a point to all this.  I just can’t remember what it was now. lol

Oh well…. Enjoy the weather, London! 🙂