Turning Your Life Around


No matter what your age, there is always something you’d love to change or improve upon.  It could something to do with your career or your personal life, or even just something like quitting smoking or loosing a bit of weight.

Regardless of what it is you’d like to change, and regardless if it’s a massive or small change, it can be daunting to set up and get started.  This could be because we all get bogged down in the little details, and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by what we’d need to do to get started.

Below is a timeless short list worth working on regardless of the goal in mind.

Stay in the Present

Let’s be realistic – the future is a wild and unimaginable entity that nobody can truly predict how things will turn out.  You’d have to be a truly gifted psychic to predict every single little bump and pitfall that’ll occur in your life in order to be 100% prepared for what life throws at us.

Instead of spending all your free time fretting over what may happen and trying to over-plan every step along the way, why not live in the present and enjoy life as it happens right now.  Stop worrying that you don’t have a 5-year plan and allow yourself to enjoy deal with the successes and pitfalls of everyday life.

The little successes you have now can potentially have a massive impact on your future, and ultimately lead your life in a totally different direction than you’d have predicted.

Enjoy Your Trip

life-is-a-journey-1We’ve all been there – focusing so much on the end goal that we’ve forgotten to enjoy the journey along the way.  As healthy as it is to have a goal in mind, it’s how we get there that truly makes that goal all the more worth it because of what we’ve gone through to get there.

Perhaps it’s a matter of hitting certain milestones along the way that make it worth it, or the physical or psychological changes we see in ourselves over time.  Whatever it is, enjoy the little things in life along the way.. and remember to take pictures.  😉

Everyone Takes the Easy Route

For something in your life to truly make a lasting impact, don’t allow yourself to take the easy route as that is basically allowing yourself a cop-out.  If you spend your entire life just reaching for the easiest and simplest goals, then your journey won’t necessarily take you very far.  Taking the easy options is being lazy.

Instead, try something new and difficult.  Reach for something you never in a million years thought you’d ever try or achieve.  Master a new skill.  Move countries.  Start a business.  Write a book.  Obviously, start off small, but the more you get used to achieving a slightly harder goal, the easier it’ll be to go for that big goal in the long run.

Plus, those harder goals?  They make the journey of life move along at a much more interesting rate than taking the easy route.  And more exciting too.

Trust Your Instincts

failure-quoteDon’t allow yourself to be bogged down in the uncertainties of life.  If you do, then you’ll never achieve those slightly harder goals from above.. or even try to begin with.

Let’s be frank – life is a risk worth taking, and if you’re allowing yourself to be held back from the unknown of what will happen next, then you’ll never truly live or know what could be possible.  And that potentially could be worse than if you’d taken the risk and tried in the first place.

Because if you’d at least tried and still failed, you’ve already achieved something because when you try again you’ll be even more ready for anything that comes up. So go for it already.

Nurture Positive Relationships

We’ve all heard it before, about how we need to cut out the negative people in our lives in order to lead a more positive and success life, be it personally or professionally.  But yet we all still allow those negative influences into our lives without meaning to because we still haven’t learned how to spot the rotten apples.

An entire post could be made up on this topic alone, but in the end it’s all about recognising those who’ll be nurturing and encouraging for your life goals along the way.  You want to surround yourself with people who’ll be willing to put the heart back into your life instead of sucking it out.  People who’ll go out of their way to help you because they want to, not because they expect something in return.

For now though, here’s a good read on how to meet the right people.

In the end, it’s your life and your journey.  It’s not a race or a competition.  So why not enjoy it to the absolute max while you’re on it, and share it with those who truly deserve to be along for the journey.

This article was inspired by: 5 Timeless Ways to Turn Your Life Around at Any Age



Where Does the Future Lead?


Sometimes I can’t help but wonder (and worry) about what the future has in store for me and where my life is going.  It worries me because I don’t feel like I have a plan or a goal to work towards, or have any real set destination in mind for my life going forward.

A lot of the time I just feel like I’m floating through life, letting the world around me flow by.  Or when I’m feeling a bit down, like I’m paddling against the currents trying to get somewhere unreachable.

But why is that?  Why do I constantly feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle just to have the life (I think) I want?  Why does it feel like I’m watching the world pass me by as I see others enjoy and (sometimes) squander what I would truly like to have?

Interestingly I know if I put a plan in place, I can carry it out successfully.  Hell, just look at what I went through planning and preparing when I first moved to London over six years ago.  I had a goal in mind, and I created a plan to get me here.. and I did it (albeit 2 months later than planned lol).

Hopes and DreamsSo I know I can do what I need to when I want to get somewhere in life, but why am I not doing it any more?  What is it that is holding me back?  Am I that afraid of failing?

Or is it more that I’m afraid of actually succeeding, so I don’t even try?  Or that I don’t think myself worthy enough to succeed?  Why won’t I take that leap of faith and just go for it?

But I suppose the real question here is what is it that I truly want out of life?

And the answer is  – I honestly don’t know anymore.  Sure, I can easily say I’d love to have an amazing relationship, a fulfilling career, a healthier more fulfilling life, or a dozen other vague and ambiguous ‘goals’.

Realistically I need to decide what exactly each of those things mean for me and how I can work to building what I want in life.  Sure, a relationship isn’t exactly something I can make happen as it’s dependant on another person, but career and lifestyle changes are solely within my own hands to make happen.

I’ve said many times before how I’d love to write full time, to be a published author or perhaps write a regular column for a magazine.  But why am I not doing it?  Why am I holding myself back from actually taking a chance in life?

Holding-Self-Back_HeaderPure and simple it all comes down to confidence, in myself and my abilities.  To be confident that people would actually pay money to read something I’ve written, be it a novel or something else.  To believe in myself enough to take that step and put my words out there .. although I kind of already do that here, to an extent.

I’m still not sure what the future holds for me, but I hope it’s full of success, happiness and love.. and that it would show up already.  LOL

* * * * *

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Where’s My Motivation Gone?


Sometimes we go through periods of feeling completely unmotivated, and just floating through life.  Day after day, it feels like we’re not accomplishing anything and the longer we let things lay to the wayside, the harder it is to pick it up again.  And to stick to it.

That’s the way I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks, like I have no motivation to do anything.  Or at least anything productive.

And that’s not a bad thing either.  Most of us have fairly busy lives and don’t take the time to relax or unwind.  Sometimes when life gets super busy, we just need a break from everything to relax and enjoy a bit of time doing absolutely nothing.

And trust me, I’m an expert at doing absolutely nothing.  😉

The thing is though, after awhile it can become mind-numbingly boring and you end up feeling listless.  You float through your days, doing as little as possible, and in the end you can sometimes feel like you’ve wasted your time doing nothing.

no-motivationAt least that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’ve barely been writing at all, I haven’t been to the gym in well over a month, and despite a bit of activity on the social side, I still tend to spend my days off with my butt fully entrenched on the sofa.

Obviously I’ve needed the break, but it isn’t really any different than how I usually spend my weekends when I’m busy.  It’s scary how easily I can spend a full weekend without leaving the house (other than sitting in the back garden), and having the days fly by while surfing the net or watching movies/tv.

And barely talking to anyone.

Funnily when I am busy and out of the house a lot, all I can think of is having some time to myself, alone at home so I can read or relax on the sofa (think there’s a permanent butt print taking shape..).

And when I have one of those weekends where I don’t leave the house or talk to anyone, I get desperately lonely for some company.  Not just someone to chat to, but someone to cuddle up with while sinking further into that comfy sofa.  But that’s a totally different issue to feeling unmotivated..

I suppose the point of all this is I need to get back to motivating myself to do things I enjoy, be them at home or out and about.  Alone or with a few mates, it doesn’t matter, as long as I’m getting somewhere.

CarrotAnd I suppose some of this feeling of floating through life comes from this feeling I’ve had for many years of not having a direction to push towards.  Of not having an end goal in sight.  Of feeling like I’m just marking time until something happens, instead of making things happen.

And that’s the key right there – I need to make things happen in my life for me and not because I think it’s what I should be doing.  I need to find something to strive towards, and not spend so much time moaning or bitching about what I don’t have in my life.

But how to decide on a course of action or what path to take?  What do I truly want to accomplish in life, or at least over the next couple of years?  What self-imposed barrier have I erected to stop myself from taking that leap of faith and going for what I truly want?  Why haven’t I finished that novel, that online course I started ages ago, or that series of erotic short stories?

Why am I so afraid I might fail?

I suppose it all boils down to a lack of self-confidence in my own abilities or feelings of worth.  And that anything I put out there would truly be worthy of others wanting to actually pay money for.  That since there’s not a huge amount of traffic on this site, that others wouldn’t want to buy something I put out there when they could come here to read for free..

I just need to take a leap of faith and go for it at some point.  Otherwise I’ll spend the rest of my life wishing I’d taken a chance or wondering if it would have been worth it.

Besides, isn’t it better to regret trying and failing, than never trying in the first place?