Flathunting Is Over!


Over the past month or so, I’ve spent a lot of my spare time looking at ads for flatshares and studio flats, but wasn’t finding much I actually liked.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Flat Hunting Sucks but luckily all that is over for now.Buy to let properties - 78009726CF001_PARAGON SHARES

In fact it’s been over for a week or two now, but I just haven’t had a chance to write about it all.

The last week or so has been all about figuring out how I was going to move all my stuff to my new place.  Especially since it’s not anywhere near my current place.  More on how that went soon..

Several weeks ago I still hadn’t seen a single place and was getting more and more frustrated about the whole thing.  And was seriously considering giving up the search and just moving with the couple I currently live with to their new place down the street, despite my not wanting to live with them anymore.

In fact, a mutual acquaintance of theirs and mine (ok, he’s their friend, and a shag of mine lol) kept saying that I should just move with them since I already know them.  That it would be easier to do that since I already know their habits and such.

Well that was exactly why I didn’t want to move with them. Hahaha

Anyway, I kept finding I’d make arrangements to view places only for it to not happen for one reason or another.  I had a couple cancel the same day I was due to see the place, another arrange a possible viewing only to tell me the day of she was booked up, and yet another who made an appointment to see her flat only to never send me the address and never reply to messages asking for it.

It definitely was not fun at all.

Since I live in Vauxhall and my new job is right by the station, I was hoping to be able to walk to work so was specifically looking for something nearby.  Or was at least an easy and quick commute away.

In the end, I only saw 3 different places..self01_3405_01

One of the first ads I’d replied to finally got around to arranging a viewing one Friday after work several weeks ago over in Stockwell.. only for me to find out once I got there that it was in the middle of a dodgy-looking council estate that a former mate of mine used to live on.  And I never felt safe going to visit him there.

The second place I saw was a lot farther out down near Crystal Palace and would be anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to get to work each day including the walk to the rail station.  The difference with this place was it was a maisonette house on two floors with a little back garden and was really nice and cozy.  And the owner and I got along right off the start (I’ve promised him I wouldn’t discuss him on my blog, so that’s all I’ll say about him).

Then the third place was just down the street from my work, and yes was on another council estate that was cleaned up and looked nice.. too bad the flat itself wasn’t.  It literally looked like student housing, and most of the walls weren’t even properly painted after someone had patched up holes or something.  Very disappointing.

Can you take a wild guess which place I went for in the end?

That’s right.. after four and a half years of living in Vauxhall, I’m moving out of the gaybourhood down near Crystal Palace (it’s about a 15 minute walk away).  The new area is alright, nothing swanky or exciting though does need a bit of work.  And it is entirely residential – I think the closest shop of any sort is a good 10 minutes walk away towards Crystal Palace – and there’s a decent sized park (Norwood Park I believe it’s called) just around the corner really.Crystal Palace Park

And of course there’s the park at Crystal Palace with the ‘dinosaur’ statues or whatever they are.  Will definitely have to take a look at all that.

It’ll be odd living so far away from Central London after all these years and not being able to just run into Soho or wherever within no time at all, but maybe it’ll be a good thing.  I’ve been tired of the same old scene for ages now (in fact it’s a rarity that I actually go out on the scene itself), so it’ll be a breathe of fresh air to live somewhere new.  I just need to find my way around and figure out where the local haunts are.

Maybe once I get settled I can find a local to show me around a bit. 😉