London gets snowed in…


It was a bit funny.  Last week, I was making fun of my friends and family back home because of all the snow they got recently.  And now I’m the one stuck at home because of the snow … in London.  London never gets snow like this…

img_00691Last night, London (and most of the UK) got hit by a bad storm, with about 6 inches (15 cm) of snow hitting London, with other parts of Britain and Scotland getting even more.  This is the most snow the UK has seen in about 18 years, and there’s still more to come – about another 4 inches or so later today (Monday).


One of two runways closed at Heathrow
Passengers stranded at Gatwick
Southampton Airport closed

London City and Luton airports closed
London buses withdrawn
Train services cancelled

Hundreds of schools closed

img_00701As for myself, I thought nothing of still getting up and going into work.  Back home, this amount of snow wouldn’t have been a big deal, and everyone would still go about their days as normal.

img_0071I didn’t get very far … I got as far as Gospel Oak overground station when they announced that all Westbound trains were being cancelled, and that everyone should try to find other transportation, if they absolutely needed to be out traveling in this weather.  At the same time, I’d heard from several of my agents, plus my friend Vince who works with me, that the District line on the Tube was closed as of Earl’s Court towards Richmond/Gunnersbury.

So with all this info, I decided to try to head back home … only to get stuck at Highbury & Islington station for close to 2 hours img_0080waiting for a train to come so I could go home.  All in all, this little trek, 1/3 of the way to work, took me about 4 hours!!  A trip that normally only takes maybe 20 to 30 minutes on a normal day (generally takes me 1 1/2 hrs to get to work, door to door).

So, should be interesting to see what happens tonight and tomorrow, and how the transport services are running.  Who knows .. maybe I’ll have a second snow day.  🙂