Holiday Blog – Day 6


Wow…. This week is just flying by! It’s day 6 already.. which means it’s almost time to head home to London. 


Luckily that’s not until Saturday night, so I still have a bit of time to play in the sun. 😉

Despite my best intentions, I ended up staying in last night as I’d fallen asleep after a lovely dinner at the restaurant around the corner. My mate’s ended up still going out around midnight but I was still half asleep so stayed in. 

This morning was a bit off for me as all I wanted was a bit of quiet away from the resort. As fun as a group trip can be, it can be tiring at times. 

I ended up going to the same restaurant for a late breakfast before rejoining my mates. . And it helped a bit I think.

After lounging around until midday, one of the guys and I decided to drive up to Puerto de Mogan, on the west coast of the island just past Puerto Rico.

We made a few wrong turns along the way, driving along the coast instead of the highway for part of it, and even ended up driving a bit inland to the village of Mogan instead of the port. 

Let’s just say there weren’t clear sign posts.. and we weren’t using out mobile’s GPS. But it’s all good as it was still very scenic.

Once arrived in the right ‘Mogan’, we wandered around and enjoyed the sights. It’s easily a little tourist coastal village, with lots of high-end shops, but still quite idyllic. 

All in all a lovely, peaceful day out. Gotta enjoy it while I can. 😁

Away on Holidays


20140619-023608-9368847.jpg Hey everyone.. Things will be a bit quiet here until early/mid next week, as I’m off on holiday. I’m headed down to Brighton, about an hour south of London, for an extended weekend with my best mate from Scotland. We’re going down for our annual (bar last year) trip to the seaside for the bear weekend and to celebrate our birthdays.. Even if it is a week early.

I had planned on scheduling a couple of posts for while I was away, but unfortunately didn’t get the ones finished that I had hoped. It’s been one of those weeks I suppose..

So I hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far.. And hopefully I’ll have some fun, interesting and maybe a few naughty tales to tell when I get back. Lol