Holiday Blog – Day 2


It’s definitely a good thing that all we’ve done today is lounge by the pool, considering how many of us woke up with hangovers.. and I suspect a few were still drunk from last night.  I heard a few stories this morning that some of them were up until abpout 6am drinking on the roof terrace after getting back from the bars.

Comparetively I was a ‘good’ boy, getting in at a almost resonable 3am.  I’d gone with a few of the guys to the Yumbo centre, and we’d ended up in a bar called ‘The Box’.  It’s not my favourite place, but it was majority rules I guess.

as for this morning, I was just a bit hungover.. partly due to all the vodka sodas I’d drank last night (they free-pour the mixed drinks in Spain..), and partly due to getting very little sleep two days running.  For some reason I woke up at 7am this morning with a spitting headache, and think I dozed for about an hour between then and 9am when my one mate got up to make coffee.

But I’m not going to complain as it’s not like I had anything important to do today.  LOL

In fact, today has been an absolutely gorgeous day.  Lots of laughs, plenty of scorching sunshine, and even a bit of eye-candy around the pool.  Hehe

The best part of today was the buffet lunch put on by the resort for us.. way too much food, but served to us by a couple of the bar staff just as naked as the rest of us.  It made for a fun afternoon, and lots of naughty jokes from the staff as they brought the food and drinks around.

During the lunch, I’d ended up sitting beside a guy from Nottingham that I don’t think I’d met before, and we had plenty of laughs throughout the meal.  Ok, we were mostly perving over the serving staff, but it was all in good fun.  and some of it we’d even said to their faces.  LOL

But I suppose all in all, that’s the whole point of a holiday – to just have some fun, some laughs, and just genuinely enjoy yourself.  None of us who were hung over today complained about it, but instead made jokes about it.  Which just goes to show how much everyone here is interested in just enjoying themselves.

Now time for a disco-napp, perhaps another swim, and then out again tonight for more fun and frolics.  🙂

Beach Daze


Ahhh.. the joys of living in the UK and the inconsistent weather during the summer. If you get a week or two of decent weather between June and August, you can count yourself lucky.  LOL

Ok, so that’s an exaggeration most people here tend to say about the weather. Some years are better than others obviously, and you will occasionally get a week or two of really nice weather before the dreary clouds make their way back in.

As much as we like to bitch about it, it really doesn’t rain all the time.  LOL

When we do get those rare and truly hot summer days, most of us take as much advantage of it as possible, and you’ll find most parks packed with people trying to soak in as much sunshine as they can.

This past weekend was one of those periods of truly lovely weather.  And for once I actually took advantage of the sunshine.

I’ve got a bad habit on the weekends.. Unless I’ve planned something, I tend to spent most weekends sitting at home, watching Netflix and lamenting at how dull my social life is without doing anything to change it.

And staring out the window at the sunshine, trying to get myself off my ass.

To be honest, this weekend’s frolics in the sun all started because I decided I needed a day off work to relax before my supervisor goes away on holiday for two full weeks. Which leaves me to cover the entire department, which only consists of the two of us.

So I chose to take Friday off for a long weekend, and luckily as the week progressed, the weather looked fairly decent down in Brighton.. so I used my cheeky day off work to lounge on the nude beach there.

Me on beachThis was definitely way overdue.. When my mate P & I went down for the Bear Weekend end of June, we were so disappointed by the weather.. it was cloudy and windy, leaving it way too chilly to get our bits out on the nude beach.

So this time my luck held out.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out, with not a cloud in the sky.  And the beach was relatively busy too.. guess not many people work on Fridays when it’s nice out. LOL

I didn’t do much more than relax and enjoy the sunshine, trying not to chain smoke while I read on my Kindle and listened to music.  And yes.. I looked around a bit at the other sun-lovers, but there sadly wasn’t much eye-candy around me.

The only downside being there by myself was that I couldn’t reach parts of my back to apply sun-cream, so ended up with a bit of a burn.  But luckily it wasn’t too bad.

The next day, a friend decided to organise a group day out in London.. sunbathing near the Men’s Pond in Hampstead Heath. The pond area has showers, a changing area, toilets, a dock to swim off from, and a small nude sunbathing area just off the changing space.

We didn’t go in there though as just outside the entrance is a wide patch of grass where all the (gay) guys had their towels and blankets spread out to sunbath or have picnics, and this is where we set ourselves up.

And it was an absolutely amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon in London.  It was sunny and hot, with a bit of a breeze, and there was lots of eye-candy around.

And some of those boys were just shameless.. got a few eyefuls as some were changing out of their swimsuits. And this wasn’t in the changing area. 😉

But mostly it was fun just hanging out, chatting, having a few laughs and some food/wine with friends.  To be away from the usual scene and just generally do something different.

All in all was a lovely, relaxing weekend.  Exactly what I needed. 🙂

Hampstead Heath

Days Like This



It truly is amazing how much can change in just 24 hours.

This time yesterday I was patiently waiting (not!) to see the doctor at the surgery. I’d woken that morning with a blaster of a migraine once again.

I’ve been steadily getting more and more frustrated by these headaches so I decided to do something about it. These headaches have been happening over several weeks now. That’s way too long, if you ask me.

Now what I find with my GP’s office is I never get to see the same doctor twice. I can usually get a same day appointment if something comes up, but I know it’ll just be with the on-call doctor who’s just there for the day/week on his or her rotation, not one of the practice’s in-house doctors.

The problem with this is sometimes you get a pill pusher and sometimes you get one who believes in holistic remedies or just ‘letting things run its course’.

On this occasion I obviously got the latter type.

Despite my being in regular pain including tightening my neck and shoulders (I soooo need a proper massage), he didn’t even so much as recommend taking paracetamol or any other headache tablets. That I just need to (continue) taking care of myself and they ‘should’ go away.

He basically said they’re just being caused by stress and tension (which I’d already kinda figured out myself), so just need to relax.

Wow… And he went to medical school for that. 😉

I’m fine with a holistic approach and all (he also told me to stop the mild anti-depressant the last doctor prescribed for my insomnia.. Yay!), but is a wait and see approach really good when someone’s in regular pain? How does that treat the issue or possibly any underlying problems?

It doesn’t.

Oh well, whatever. It’s fine I guess because I’m feeling quite chilled today, despite the throbbing in the back of my head.

I spent a lovely evening last night with a cutie visiting London from Bahrain. Then on my way home this morning (don’t judge lol), I met a friend for brunch in Brixton Market and some shopping.

Btw, Colombian breakfasts are sooo yumm!! It’s scrambled eggs, fried steak, rice with beans, corn (flat)bread, and fried plankton. It’s all slightly spiced and has a bit of heat to it but oh so delicious.

So all of that, plus an early afternoon cider at the gay pub in Brixton, has left me relaxed and feeling content. I’m now curled up on my sofa, writing on the iPad with the radio on in the other room, watching the (rare) sunshine starting to fade…

Now if only I had days like this more often…