Lumiere London


A couple weekends ago, some friends and I spent our Saturday night wandering around central London checking out the displays for the Lumiere London show

It definitely made for a different and unique way to spend a Saturday, while getting to walk around parts of London most of us have never been to before.  Usually they just keep things restricted to Oxford Circus or Regent Street so this was a nice change.

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The whole exhibit was cool to a point… but let’s be honest, after 2.5 hours of walking around in the cold with a bit of light slushy rain (some parts of London got some light snow), we were exhausted and couldn’t wait to warm up.

The thing was the exhibits weren’t generally all grouped together.  There were a few that were nearby or in the similar locations, but for the most part you had to walk and walk and walk to get there, and then there was actually a queue to get into a park (Grosvenor Park in Mayfair).

What was it?

Lumiere London was a free light festival in 30 locations across some of the capital’s most iconic areas:

  • Mayfair
  • King’s Cross (didn’t make it to this area, as was too far away)
  • Piccadilly, Regent Street and St James’s
  • Trafalgar Square and Westminster.

20160116_222236Click HERE to find out more about the installations.