I’m 51 Days Late…


I’m a bad, bad blogger sometimes..

It’s been almost 2 months – 51 days, to be precise – since my last post of any sort on my poor little neglected blog.  And that last post was a filler type (you know, when I’m not writing anything lol) with a few sexy, semi-naked guys showing off their wares.

I know.. you’ve just hated looking at those semi-clad, Adonises in my absence, right?  😉

So where have I been,?  Well.. mostly I’ve just been home being a lazy twat during the week trying to catch up on the lost sleep from the weekends.

busy diaryThis has probably been my busiest summer in many many years.  Between late June and early August, there wasn’t a weekend where I didn’t already have something planned.  And I barely spent a weekend home in my flat in July.  LOL

And no.. I wasn’t out being a dirty slag or anything quite so exciting.  Dammit. 😉

Let’s see.. how do I update you on a summer’s worth of adventures without writing a dozen pages.. I know, everyone loves a list!  🙂

    • Last weekend of June – London Pride on the Saturday, then rest of the weekend hung over hahaha
    • 1st weekend of July – After arriving back from Rome, I met some friends for a belated birthday party.. then spent the weekend hungover and cat-sitting for my old flatmate.
    • 2nd weekend of July – Spent the weekend with a ‘friend’, going to see the new Ab Fab movie, sleeping over, and then driving around the Kent countryside on Sunday.
    • 3rd weekend of July – NAKEDFEST!!  A naked camping weekend with about 200 other men.. was interesting, but very uncomfortable (note: buy a bigger tent and an air mattress haha)
    • IMG-20160723-WA00034th weekend of July – My dear friends M&B got married!!! I’ve known them almost 7 years, so was lovely to spend their special day with them.. and drinking with M and his best man until 5 am 😮
    • 5th weekend of July – M&B’s NAKED Wedding!! They had a 2nd reception for all their naturalist friends, and it was a laugh.. especially the exchanging of the cock-rings hehe
    • 1st weekend of August – I actually had a whole weekend in London and was able to catch up with a couple of friends on the Saturday night, before heading to another naked house party Sunday afternoon in West London.
    • 2nd weekend of August – Don’t think I did much all weekend other than helping my ‘friend’ with some DIY at his flat on the Sunday and then taking another drive into the Kent countryside.
    • 3rd weekend of August – A well-deserved quiet weekend, mostly spent at home. Oh, and more cat-sitting on the Saturday night.

And that brings us to this weekend, the Bank holiday weekend in the UK.  I’d originally wanted to go away for the weekend and spend it on a beach somewhere, but I never gotten around to arranging anything.

JulietaSo instead, last night was a few drinks with some mates in town, with possibility of more of the same tonight, and then tomorrow I am meeting friends to go see the new Pedro Almodóvar film ‘Julieta‘ at the BFI Southbank near Waterloo.

I’m also trying to update my laptop to Office 2013 from 2007, as I’ve started studying to get my Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Excel 2013.  I’m already well-versed in the software, so once I’ve gone through the official study guide I’ll be taking the exam (hopefully) in the next month or so.

It’s amazing how quickly this summer has gotten away from me.  I haven’t been to a beach since my trip to Rome, and that’s surprising for me!  Most summers, I’m usually down in Brighton a couple times (at least) to spend an afternoon sunning on the nude beach.. but I haven’t been once!  LOL

I’d considered going this weekend, but sadly the weather has dipped down to the low 20’s and a bit overcast after a super hot week.  So definitely not beach weather.

So all in all it’s been a damn good summer, and here’s hoping the upcoming Autumn is just as fun.

Ciao Ciao for now 😉Brighton Beach

Follow-up: A Naked Opportunity


Recently I wrote about an opportunity that had fallen into my lap (read previous post HERE) and how I was considering the freedom it would allow me to explore any interest I might have in social nudity.

After seeing the flat and meeting the landlord I was willing to give it a go, regardless of any insecurities or discomfort I could see myself having while living in this situation.  A couple mates of mine had helped me work up the courage to just go for it and just try something new.

About a week or so after seeing the place and expressing my interest, I got a message from the guy that was moving out – I’d previously met him a couple of times the year before for drinks, but had never met up again after that despite talking about it.

I agreed to meet up with him for a coffee because he said there were things I needed to know about the landlord before deciding if I wanted to move in there..

A small part of me thought he might be using this as an excuse to meet up (we’d kissed and fooled around a bit previously..), but deep down I knew it was because he wanted to tell me all the bad things about the flat and landlord.

fuckable bearBoy was I right…

We met up at London Euston station for a coffee.. and for almost 2 hours he told me how bad it was living there, about the drinking/drug use, and how the landlord really couldn’t be trusted.

In fact he said the landlord had told him I hadn’t said I was interested in moving in, which was a total lie.. though unsure on who’s part.

Like anyone I took everything he said with a grain of salt, as I’m sure some of it must have been exaggerated based on his point of view (always two sides to every story).  Plus if it had been that bad living there, why the hell had he lived there for just over 2 years?

Even if only a tenth of what he told me was true, it definitely didn’t paint the place in a positive light, and with the reservations I’d already had it easily tipped me over into the ‘not interested’ category.

Then again I don’t think the landlord was all that interested in me moving in anyway, as I didn’t hear anything back from him for about a month after seeing the place.  He’d ended up having a ‘couch-surfer’ move in, but then the guy suddenly left last week after losing his job.

Which was when the landlord messaged me again.. But this time I told him I wasn’t interested at this time as I needed to sort other things out before I thought about moving.  I still haven’t moved or found a new place, but that’s ok as I’m going to concentrate on finding a new job first (a subject for another day..).

CheekyLooking back on it now though, I think because I wasn’t completely gung-ho about living in a full-on naturalist environment (he wanted it to be a house rule that you had to be naked.. and so did any guests you had over), there might have been problems down the road.

I’m still intrigued by the idea, but only if it was a ‘naked if you want to be’ sort of situation.

And with that guy’s warnings going through my head, I think things would have ended in a self-fulfilling disaster leaving me having to move once more.

As much as I dislike where I’m living, it is quiet and I have my own space (even if I don’t get to use the rest of the flat at all).  The plan for now is to make the best of the situation I’m in until something truly worthwhile comes along to push me into action.

Only time will tell…

Guest Blogger: On Nakations…


Here’s my guest post on A Guy Without Boxers all about how it feels to go to a naturalist beach while on holiday.. especially when you’re as body conscious as I am. 😀

Feel free to check out his other posts as well, all about being a gay nudist enjoying life and sharing it with others.