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Yeah… I’ve been stupid lazy lately with the writing.

I try to tell myself it’s because I don’t have a desk at my new place (may go shopping this weekend.. maybe).

I try to tell myself I don’t have much to say.. but that’s a load of crap. I just hate blogging from my mobile or ipad to be honest…

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Sleep Naked for a Healthier You


What’s your sleeping ritual?  Is there something you must wear to feel comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep, or are you more comfortable sleeping in your birthday suit?

Apparently sleeping in the nude is actually healthier for you and can improve certain areas of your life.. and not just your sex life either!

According to a couple of sites, approximately 8% of Americans sleep naked, whereas nearly a quarter of British adults are more likely to sleep naked.

So what are the benefits, and how can tossing the pj’s help us all?

Reduces insomnia

men naked sleepingAccording to a recent sleep study, when you wear heavy pyjamas or socks your body can’t release the heat necessary to drop your core body temperature to initiate sleep normally.

This inability of your body to release heat could cause insomnia, whereas sleeping naked allows the heat to release easier, which leads to you falling asleep faster.

This in-bed body temperature regulation may also help you achieve a deeper, longer sleep, which would result in feeling more refreshed upon waking and better to approach the coming day.

Prevents excess belly fat

Now, don’t get too excited!  This isn’t about some quick-slim diet secret, but instead is how sleeping naked helps you lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol functions to increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, to suppress the immune system, and to aid in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. (Source: Wikipedia)

Basically, deep sleep lowers cortisol levels to a minimum, then the glands that produce it work more actively to prepare the body for the next day, helping you feel energised when you wake up.  And when you don’t sleep properly, you wake with abnormally high cortisol levels, which stimulates your appetite for comfort foods that increase belly fat.

Healthier sex organs

Not only will will sleeping naked help your sex life, it’ll also help your sexual organs themselves.  It allows your skin and body parts to breathe and get exposed to free flowing air.

For women, it can prevent the growth of yeast and bacteria, while for men it helps keeping testes cooler which in turn keeps sperm healthy and the reproductive systems working normally.  When men wear tight briefs or restrictive clothing (in or out of bed), it can heat up the testes and lower their sperm count.

Prevents aging

According to some studies, sleep can trigger the release of growth hormones and melatonin, which are vital anti-aging hormones.  Which means the better you sleep, the more of these hormones you’ll produce, which in the end will help slow down the aging process.  And who doesn’t want to do that?

Increases skin-to-skin contact

When you have more skin to skin contact with your partner, it can release a boost of oxytocin in your body.  This ‘feel-good’ hormone is powerful, helps your orgasmic and sexual responsiveness, helps deal with stress, combat depression, reducing intestinal inflammation, and reducing blood pressure.

And obviously, when not sleeping alone, it removes any obstacles and encourages more sexual contact between you.  And that’s never a bad thing.

naked men in bed

Prevents skin diseases

Wet, restricted skin could lead to an increased risk for certain skin diseases like athlete’s foot or Intertrigo.  Which is why it’s important to all the skin all over your body to breathe, especially in areas like your feet, armpits or genitals.

Prevents type 2 Diabeties

According to a study published in the June edition of Diabetes, it was found that sleeping in the nude helped participants improve their health, with unhealthy fat starting to disappear within a few weeks.  The study found the colder temperatures when sleeping nude were linked to improving metabolisms, lowering blood sugar levels and even preventing type 2 Diabetes.

How amazing is that?

Improves blood flow.

Wearing restrictive clothing in bed – twisted t-shirts, tight socks, elastic bands around your waist – could cut off your circulation and restrict the body’s blood flow.  Sleeping naked will allow it to flow more freely and increase circulation, which in turn benefits the heart, muscles, and arteries as more oxygen-rich blood flows to your extremities.

Improves self-esteem and acceptance

cute bear sleepingGrowing up, most of us were taught that being naked was wrong or indecent, or even going so far to make us believe that the naked body is an ugly, unnatural thing.  Which is where a lot of body dismorphia could stem from, not to mention low self-esteem and low self-worth.

The more time you spend in the nude, regardless if it is alone or among others, the more comfortable you will feel in your own skin and more accepting of your body as it truly is, instead of the media’s ideals.

And the more confident you are in your skin, the happier you’ll be and you’ll appear more attractive to others.

So… why not boost your own health and sleep naked already.  It’s clearly so much better for you. 😉

This post was inspired by — 10 Reasons Why People Who Like Sleeping Naked Are Healthier People.

Skinny jeans can result in twisted testicles, warn doctors – Odd News – Digital Spy


Skinny jeans can result in twisted testicles, warn doctors – Odd News – Digital Spy.

Besides looking uncomfortable to walk, stand, sit in… they just look horrible!

I really don’t understand this ‘skinny’ jeans trend.  It’s like you’re trying to accentuate the fact that you look anorexic or malnourished.

Of course, I could never wear skinny jeans due to being so chubby (I’m trying to not say fat.. but yeah), but I wouldn’t anyway due to them looking damn uncomfortable.

I think it’s interesting that, even after all these years, the fashion industry is still giving the message that you must be skinny in order to be beautiful.. It’s been done for decades with woman’s fashion, and now I guess it’s doing it with the guys.

A skinny guy who has no ass or muscle tone is NOT attractive in any sense.  All they do is remind me of those starving children in those commercials for foreign aid..

..And makes me want to shove a cheeseburger down their throat. LOL