Itching to Fly Away



I so need a f&*%ing holiday!!

I’ve so missed travelling the past couple years.  The feeling of excitement when you arrive at the airport and check in.  The anxiousness to arrive at your destination as the plane takes off.  The annoyance of the passenger beside you snoring into your shoulder.

(seriously?? it’s only an hour’s flight!!)

And of course the dread as you realise your holiday is over as you head back to the airport.  And that within 24 hours you’ll be back at work, chained to your desk until the next time you can get away.

*Sigh*  I miss it all, the good and the

The past couple of years hasn’t allowed much opportunity for me to go travelling around Europe at all.  I love nothing better than to explore a new country/city, soak in the culture, admire the architecture, and just get away from the daily grind of life in London.

The last actual holiday (read: going to another country) I had was when I spent NYE with my friend in Luxembourg back in December 2012.. almost 2 years ago!!  That just seems so long ago!

The only ‘trip’ I’ve done in the past couple years was an extended weekend with my Scottish best mate back in June when we went to Brighton for the weekend for the bear weekend.  Yeah it was an amazing weekend and was good to get away from London, but it’s not the same as flying away to some new and interesting city (preferably along the Mediterranean, with a kickass beach lol).

Of course the main reason for the lack of travelling or holidays has been money.  I was unemployed for the better part of a year, and then took jobs at companies (including my current one) that were paying a lot less than I was used to before I was unemployed.

I’m not moaning about it.. much.  I know the situation didn’t exactly allow me the funds or opportunity to go gallivanting around Europe like I might have liked.  Sometimes life makes you prioritise what’s truly important, and sometimes that’s just keeping your head above water on a daily basis.

hot naked bear beachI suppose I’ve started thinking about it lately because I’m seeing all sorts of people going away on holidays as the summer comes to a close.  Squeezing in that last bit of fun in the sun while they can, before the usual grey Autumn and Winter sneaks in over the next couple months.

Many guys I know have all travelled to Sitges this weekend for their annual bear week.  A week in the sun and sand, with tons of hot bears, cubs, chasers, and all sorts around.  And spending the days relaxing on the nude beach.

*Sigh*  Maybe next year.

My Scottish mate was supposed to come down this month so we could do another weekend in Brighton before the weather got too cold, but his work has gotten crazy busy and can’t get any time off.  He’s said he probably won’t be able to make it back down here until just before Christmas time now.


(though we have talked about me going up there for the BearScots event in October.. but we’ll see)

I do know that I probably won’t be able to take any time off between Christmas and New Years as our office remains open, and it’s apparently quite busy. Which is fine, since I don’t really do much for Christmas and can’t afford to travel back to Canada for the holidays to see my family.

joe-manganiello-beachSo this leaves me thinking of maybe planning some extended weekend away, probably by myself, somewhere warm and sunny.  Sure, I still can’t really afford it but I think it might do me some good, especially if I can find something relatively cheap but nice.

As much as I’d love to have someone to go on holiday with me, I don’t mind travelling by myself.  At least that way I can do what I want, when I want to, and not have to worry about the other person.  It allows me to wander around a city with no agenda or any pressing need to get somewhere in particular.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll just take a few days off and spend them at home sleeping.  LOL


From London to Luxembourg


I know… I tend to write about my love life (or lack thereof) on here a lot.  It’s a topic I think about quite often, so it’s only natural I blog about it, right?  Right?!? 😉

Or maybe I’m just a bit obsessed about it all, since I don’t have much of one.  Who knows.. but this story is a bit different.

Well, maybe not that different.  I am still single after all.  *sigh*  But at least I got a new friend out of it all.

Awhile back I started chatting to this cute guy from Luxembourg, who’d initially messaged me ages ago when he was in London for a visit.

Me & Margaret Cho

Me & Margaret Cho

Initially, we’d chatted a few times, but that was it… Until late last summer when he got back in contact to say he was coming to London for another visit around Halloween.

Before we knew it, we were chatting very regularly up until he came to London with a German friend of his, and we were both going to be at the same Margaret Cho comedy show in Leicester Square (but each went to different pubs with friends after..).  Long story short, we met up for drinks and coffee while he was in town (his friend was with him both times, which was fine) and we seemed to really get along…

Yes, there was some kissing involved. 🙂

After that, we were chatting to each other pretty much daily through Facebook about this, that and everything in between.  It was to the point where neither of us would go to bed without wishing the other a good night and ‘big hugs and kisses’.

018It was quite sweet, and if I wasn’t enjoying it so much, I might have puked. Hahaha

So of course a visit had to be arranged so we could spend some time together and see how we got along.. without a chaperone of course. 😉

And since I’d never been to Luxembourg (well, had never even thought of going there before to be honest..), we arranged for me to fly there for a long weekend in November, and we had a lovely time together.  In fact, we barely left his flat the entire weekend, other than one afternoon where we walked around Luxembourg City for a bit.. and went for the BEST hot chocolate ever!  (If you ever head to Luxembourg, make sure you go to the Chocolate House.. it’s amazing!)

So with that weekend a lovely success and us thoroughly enjoying each others company (in and out of the bedroom), we kept chatting and getting to know each other.  And talked about spending New Year’s together, possibly in London.

And tried not to get ahead of ourselves by thinking/chatting about a possible future.053

My Luxembourg friend unfortunately couldn’t get adequate time off to come to London for New Year’s, so off I went again to visit him, this time spending about 6 days there.  There were a couple days where he couldn’t get the day off completely or at all, so I used those days to do some job-hunting and whatnot since I’d taken my laptop with me.

Once again we had a lovely time, but this time was different.  We’d gone into this visit thinking we’d each gauge how we really got on for potentially something more than just a visit here and there… but in the end, we both came to same conclusion – that there wasn’t much of a spark between us, even though we were very comfortable around each other.

There was just no passion… Sure, we still had some fun in the bedroom, and it was still quite fun, but there was no emotional connection towards anything romantic unfortunately.

It’s too bad because he’s a lovely guy and a sweetheart.  True, we were both a bit disappointed, but at least we’ve both got a new friend out of it.

Anniversaries, Apocalypses, and the Holidays



Well well.. who’d have thunk it.  About a week ago, ‘Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind’ turned 4 years old.

That’s right, it’s my blog’s anniversary. 🙂

When I initially started this blog, it was to give myself a creative outlet for my writing and to help keep those back home in touch with what’s going on in my life after I moved to London back in September 2008.

happy_anniversaryLike most things, my blog has gone through a many ups and downs over the years, including several breaks where I wasn’t posting as often and one time when something I posted on here almost got me fired.  It has showcased happy times, periods of depression, losing jobs and even the loss of ‘friends’.

I’m not sure what the upcoming year will bring for my blog – or even for my personal life – but the hope is to get back to writing more often.

The Apocalypse

Well today is December 21st, 2012 .. and the supposed day of the Mayan predicted Apocalypse.  People around the world were all freaked out that the world was going to end.. with some of them looking forward to it for whatever reasons.

two-planets.jpg1325593265It obviously hasn’t happened.

According to this article here, which debunks 5 Mayan Apocalypse Myths, today wraps up a 400-year cycle called a b’ak’tun, the day of the winter solstice.  Over the years, the Mayan Calendar has been misinterpreted by Westerners to predict the end of the world, when it was just a benchmark of the end of a full creationist cycle.

For anyone scratching their head wondering what any of that means, I haven’t a clue either.

Guess we just need to wait and see what the next cycle brings us .. and most likely, just get on with living our day to day lives.

The Holidays

That’s right, it’s that time of year again where most everyone goes a little bit crazy to create the perfect holiday season and spent way too much money.  This time of year means different things to different people, regardless of their cultural upbringing.

302946children-playing-in-the-snow-posters1For me, I find it’s a quite lonely time of year, as I tend to spend most of this season alone.  I don’t have many close friends here in London, and the few I would love to spend this time with generally go home to spend it with their families.

I got a chance to go home for the holidays last year, spending the time around Christmas with my family back in Canada and New Years in Montreal.  I definitely enjoyed it and wish I could see my family more often (last time I’d seen them had been 3 1/2 years prior when I moved to London).

It’s always great to spend the time with family, but it isn’t always possible financially.  Especially this year since I haven’t been working since the end of August, and have spent most of the past couple months studying towards a certification in Project Management.

So instead of spending it with family or dear friends, I’m spending Christmas Day itself with the older couple I live with and their friends.. only because I had no other offers.  It’s not exactly what I would have liked to be doing, but at least I’m not spending the day physically alone.

I know a lot of it is my own fault, as I haven’t exactly been a social butterfly the past few months while being off work .. especially since I’m doing my best to not spend much money so I can ensure I can pay the bills (I’m not broke, but I am being careful).

fireworksBut at the same time, and I’ve found this before when I wasn’t working, I have found that some so-called friends stop wanting to hang out when things aren’t going that well.  It’s like they only want to be around when things are good and happy.. which would mean they truly aren’t that good of a friend.

However don’t think I’m being all depressive, cause I’m not.. well not completely.

I’ve got New Years to look forward to, as I’m going to spend it with a dear friend (possibly more than a friend?) in Luxembourg.  And I’m definitely looking forward to that time away from London and my flat.. and to distract me from job hunting and studying.

Fingers crossed things improve for me in 2013.