Getting a Little Culture


Sometimes when you’re just trying to get through and living life day to day, you can easily forget about what a city like London can offer you.  Personally I wish I could spend more of my free time seeing shows in the West End, visiting art galleries, seeing concerts and hearing live music, and so forth.leicester_square_logo

For the most part, I generally haven’t been able to afford many of those things too regularly, especially over the past year while I was unemployed.  I think in the past year or so, I’ve gone out to ‘get some culture’ maybe twice – once to see Margaret Cho at Leicester Square Theatre, and once to see the play ‘Noises Off’ during a limited showing.

In fact, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to the theatre or to a show of some sort… Need to fix that. lol

I can now add this past Thursday night to the list.  I went with a friend to Leicester Square Theatre once again to see what I originally thought was just an American drag cabaret show, but it turned out to be so much more.

What neither of us realised was there was actually two acts, not one…

varlaFirst up was Varla Jean Merman, an American drag performer who has a traveling cabaret/comedy show.  We knew we would be seeing her, although I’d never heard of her before.  When he first invited me, I said sure without knowing what to expect mostly as a chance to hang out with him.  I hadn’t seen him since he moved back to London from Vancouver.

I did however Google the performer to check out her website and a couple YouTube clips, but from what I saw I honestly didn’t understand the appeal .. But after seeing her 45 minute show live it totally changed my views on her, as she is absolutely hilarious!

This is one of the numbers she did in the show (obviously recorded from a different show.. she wore a different outfit lol).

The second part of the show was an extremely pleasant surprise and something neither of us were expecting – a 4 man singing string quartet called Well-Strungwellstrungvarla2013

I personally thought it was an odd combination, but after looking at the band’s website, it turns out they’ve got the same manager as Varla.

Here’s an excerpt from their ‘About’ page on their website.

One Direction step aside, there’s a new kind of boy band on the circuit. The all-male string quartet Well-Strung features classical musicians who sing putting their own spin on the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Rihanna, Adele, Lady Gaga, and more! Well-Strung stars first violinist Edmund Bagnell, second violinist Christopher Marchant, cellist Daniel Shevlin and violist Trevor Wadleigh.

First you’ll immediately notice how cute they all are (and yes, they’re all gay 😉 ).. but also how freaking amazingly talented they all are.  They’re all accomplished musicians and singers, and as a group they work so well together.  Their harmonies are outstanding!wellstrung23

(And another FYI, Trevor the violist has the best smile ever.. *swoon* lol)

If you get a chance to see either act in your area (or can still get tickets for their Saturday night show at Leicester Square Theatre.. FYI, there’s still tickets available), then definitely do so.  Both acts are extremely entertaining, and it would be a terrific night out for all.  I know I’d see either act again in the future.

This night out has definitely reminded me that there’s more on offer in London than the usual daily work routines and (for some) the regular weekends at the pub.  I know I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing more things like this again soon.

See the clip below for the first release from their debut album, where they merge Mozart with Kelly Clarkson.