Back to the Beach – the Countdown Begins


Although I booked it back in January, I’ve started counting down to my next holiday the last week of April. I had such an amazing time back in November, so I’m going back to Gran Canaria for another week.

The place definitely had a profound impact on me.  I can honestly say it was my best holiday ever, and it helped me feel more liberated when it comes to my body and being naked in public.. And I could use some of that confidence back.

Last time, I’d spent my days naked sunning on the beach.  It wasn’t my first time to a nude beach, but it was the first time that I was comfortable enough to stand up, walk around, and even walk down to the water for a swim, regardless of the clothed people walking along the beach.

tumblr_lfqtqpsYuy1qfvz41o1_500I’ve never been very comfortable with my body, mostly due to being chubby and feeling unattractive.  But what I found there was nobody really gave a shit.  In fact, there were people there who were even bigger than I was and they were comfortable naked on the beach, so why the hell shouldn’t I be as well.

The most liberating was the apartment I’d rented.  It afforded me even more time and space to spend my holiday naked, especially after I’d rigged some towels on the balcony railing so I could sit outside naked without worrying (too much) if the neighbours or people walking along the street could see me in all my glory.

It was amazing.

So back in January, I started looking around for another beach holiday for the end of April (as that was the only time I could get off work), and the only place I found within Europe that had decent beach weather was Gran Canaria.. so off I went to book myself into the same apartment as last time for a week.

If it worked last time, why change it, right?  LOL

The difference this time is that I’m not going alone… although it was originally planned that way.

A mate of mine had mentioned after my last trip that I should let him know if I was planning on going again, and maybe he’d join me.  I’d just assumed he was joking, especially since we’re not super close friends or even hang out all that often.

So when I made this upcoming reservation for the end of April, he once again started considering the possibilities of joining me.

hot naked bear beachI’ll be honest.  I was of two minds about this idea.  Firstly I was looking forward to my naked freedom and the opportunities to have whatever ‘fun’ I wanted to have without having to think about the person I was with.  And secondly, I thought it be nice to have someone to go on holiday with, even if we didn’t know each that well.

He’d initially talked about getting his own place to stay so we each still had our privacy, which would have definitely worked.  He said he’d go off and think on it, but when I didn’t hear back about it for the longest time I assumed he’d changed his mind.

Then this past week, he messaged me to say he was still interested in going, and to ask whether I’d be cool with us sharing the flat for the week.

I of course immediately warned him that it meant we would be seeing each other naked, and I explained that I didn’t wear anything while in the apartment last time and that I would be naked on the beach.  And that there was only one bed..

His response?  He laughed..  He could think I’m joking, but after speaking to each other in person the other day, he seemed to be okay with it all.  He’s said he might not get naked on the beach as he’s self-conscious (he’s much thinner than me…), but may be fine after a day or so.

In the end, it’s always great to have another person there with you when on holidays.. someone to share the experience with.  I just hope it doesn’t stop each of us from truly enjoying ourselves, and the ‘fun’ to be had while on the island.  Hehe

Let the countdown to end of April begin!