Oscar Roundup – Winners, Predictions & Twitter


So it’s all finally over.. The Oscars have come and gone, and everyone is now checking their office pools to see who won.

For a full list of the winners, go to: http://oscar.go.com/nominees

genericLooking back over the past couple days at the ‘Who will win‘ predictions I made, I got 9 out of the 10 categories I listed! Woohoo!!  Only missed Ang Lee for Best Director.. but did pick him for ‘Who should win‘, so almost had a clean sweep.  LOL

Think that’s the best I’ve ever done in my Oscar picks… which just goes to show how utterly predictably this year’s ceremony was!!

I’m not going to bother going over the show minute by minute like most of the other sites probably are… Instead, how about some Twitter fun??

Last night was probably the most I’ve used Twitter since I got an account.. a couple years ago.  Just never really got it before, even though I understood the concept of the whole thing.

Adele with the 'Best Original Song' Oscar

Adele with the ‘Best Original Song’ Oscar

Then last week I decided to look into using Twitter to promote this blog, and that’s when things finally clicked in place.. which was handy cause it allowed my old flatmate in Montreal and I to chat back and forth throughout the Oscar ceremony.. just like old times.

Other than the whole ‘being-on-a-different-continent-thing’ and all. LOL

So, just for a bit of fun, here’s a few highlights of our Twitter conversation.. and remember, it’s all just in good fun. 🙂

Note: For those unfamiliar with how Twitter works, @SS is my message to my friend, and @me is his message to me (not our actual Twitter usernames, obviously lol).

Musical Medley:movies-jennifer-hudson-at-oscars

  • @SS What, no #RockofAges medley? Oh right.. #Oscars
  • @me I was waiting for Equus!! #Oscars
  • @SS Russell Crowe should have stayed home .. ouch #Oscars
  • @me oouuufff!!! Nothing a few vodkas won’t cure!!! #Oscars
  • @SS Too bad he drank a whole bottle lol #Oscars
  • @me I LOVE Jennifer Hudson … Amazing!!! #nowthatsasinger #Oscars

Jennifer Garner’s dress:

  • @SS Did JenGarner skin Barney?!? #Oscars
  • @me hahahaha!!! Or Ben threw up red wine #Oscars
  • @SS Well he did look like he’d drank a couple bottles before getting on stage #Oscars

Anne Hathaway’s Acceptance Speech:

  • @me How does this sound? Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway????? Yuk!!! #Oscars
  • @SS Whys she crying like it was a shock? Everyone knew she’d win #oscars2013
  • @me I know?!?! lol #Oscars
  • @SS Anyone she forgot to thank? #annehathaway #oscars2013
  • @me she forgot Ted! #Oscars
  • @SS Lol Can’t believe she got an Oscar for getting a bad haircut on film #oscars2013 #annehathaway
  • @me I still think of Susan Boyle when Anne sang I dreamed a dream…. @SimonCowell #Oscars

The hot mess that was Kirsten Stewart:

  • @me did someone hit Kristen Stewart with a bus??? Wow she looks terrible… Even Daniel is looking at her strange #Oscar2013 #drunk
  • @SS She always looks drunk or stoned! And why was she limping, did she have too much fun backstage? #drunk #oscars201385th Annual Academy Awards - Show
  • @SS Does Kristen Stewart even own a brush? #makeafuckingeffort #oscars2013
  • @me hahahahahaha oh man that’s too funny!!! #Oscar2013 #brushthathair
  • @SS Who gives that girl movie roles? A brick wall gives better emotion #oscars2013 #thinkshesavampire
  • @me brutal!!!! I can only imagine what @Joan_Rivers will say about Kristen Stewart!!! #getabrush #oscars2013
  • @SS @joan_rivers Not sure. Can her face still move? Love her tho!! #oscars2013 #facedontmoveanymore

Seth MacFarlane’s Hosting:

  • @SS Seth’s sucking up too much to the producers #Oscar2013
  • @me Seth is kinda sucking period!!! #Oscars
  • @SS he’s more amused with himself than anyone in the room #Oscars
  • @me So true!!! When you get a chance rewatch the intro…. I honestly miss Billy!!! I’m so traditionalist… #Oscars
  • @SS knew you’d say that!! Baaaaad Lincoln joke there #Oscars
  • @me you know me. Seth is just awful…looks so uncomfortable… #Oscars
  • @SS of course. Can’t hide behind a cartoon character on this #Oscars
  • @me Nope! I love that the cutoff music is the Jaws theme!!!! Best part of the show so far… #Oscars

So many beards, so little time:Beardy Boys

  • @SS Lol What’s with all the guys in beards. Clooney looks good! #oscars2013
  • @me beards are the new ribbons!!! #Oscars #takingastand
  • @SS Does nobody in Hollywood own a brush? #Oscar2013 #bedheadshouldlookHOT
  • @me that’s how fast fashion looks change in Hollywood. From beards to bed head #Oscar2013
  • RT @AlecMapa: Daniel Day Lewis won because his beard was more convincing than Hugh Jackman’s. #Oscars
  • @SS lol it’s brilliant #Oscar2013 #Clooneysbeardisbetter (when Clooney & Affleck were accepting Best Picture for Argo)

Add to that (and much more.. it was a 4 hrs or so show) I was also following @ThatKevinSmith, @AlecMapa, @RottenTomatoes, @NewNowNext, @kathygriffin and @DinnerPartyShow (author Christoper Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn) throughout the ceremonies.. and I was laughing into the wee hours of the morning (finished at 5am… *yawn*).