A Long Overdue Update…


I keep saying I’m going to write an update on things that have been going on over the past couple of months, but for some reason I never seem to get around to it.

In fact, I never seem to open my laptop much these days.  I tend to spend most evenings plunked down on the sofa watching TV (Big Bang marathons mostly..) while playing on my mobile or iPad.  And that’s not a bad thing really.

I could give the excuse that because I don’t really have anywhere to put my laptop that I don’t think of turning it on.  Sure, I may not have an actual desk or table of any sort in my bedroom to sit at and write, but I could easily take it to the living room and sit at the table there..

Perhaps I don’t think of doing that because most evenings my flatmate is also sitting at said table as it’s where the tv is and where we eat our meals, and it really isn’t that big of a table to begin with.

boredomOr perhaps I’m just giving myself excuses why I haven’t been writing at all lately.. well, except for last Sunday when I sat in the local coffee chain for a couple of hours and banged out a post or two.

I could lie to myself and say that maybe I really just haven’t had much to update you all on over the past couple months, but that’s really just a load of bullshit. LOL

The last actual post I’d wrote before the holidays was all about the work recent work centralisation to head office (see previous post), and how I wanted to ensure I didn’t have to move offices due to the travel time and costs.

In the end, I was able to snag a position on a brand new contract that allowed me to stay at my existing office.. along with a (very slight) raise to go along with the new role.  Double bonus!

The contract was due to go live two weeks ago after the holidays, but it has sadly been delayed while we wait for the contracts to be signed off and the client to send through the first few jobs.

It’s been a bit odd the past couple of weeks not having a regular routine when it comes to the workday, but it’s been good at the same time.  It’s allowed our team to sit down, look through things in detail, and basically create the processes ourselves from scratch.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such autonomy in a job before, even if it’ll be temporary.

The other upside of this is it’s required me to really dig deep and recall some of my dusty Excel skills, as I’ve barely used them over the past couple years.  It’s amazing how quickly it all comes back when you’re creating massive work trackers and linking them to other spreadsheets to calculate works.

Unfortunately, by the end of last week we all got a bit bored.  There really was only so much pre-planning we could do as it seemed we’d done everything we could with what information we had.  It didn’t help much that our manager has been out of the office for the past few days in meetings, so haven’t had much instruction or direction for what else we could be doing.

Anyway, here’s hoping the manager is back in tomorrow and has some news regarding the launch, or at least can give us a bit more direction.

But who am I to complain if the company is willing to pay us to do very little, right?  🙂


5 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Update…

  1. ivansblogworld

    Thanks for the update as its long overdue.. And yes I was giddy with delight. Looking forward to your next posts. Ivan.

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