Back to Reality.. 2 Weeks Ago


Isn’t it sad how quickly time on holiday passes? Feels like just yesterday my mate P and I were headed down to Brighton for the weekend.

Meanwhile it’s been almost two weeks since we left and went out separate ways once back in London, with him heading home to Scotland.

Or maybe it seems like it passed quickly because we had a great time… though to be honest it didn’t really feel like we did much while we were there.

As usual when we go to Brighton, we headed to the nude beach on a couple of the afternoons.. which sadly wasn’t a good thing.

Despite the lovely sunny days (only rained on the Monday and briefly on the Saturday), it was way too cold for the beach.  Let alone taking it all off on the nude beach.

PARKA ON THE BEACHIn fact, the wind was so chilly there were maybe a handful of die-hards on the beach.  And there was even a guy sitting naked on the beach.. wearing a parka.

Yeah.. it was that cold. Dammit.

So instead we ended up spending more time drinking and chatting on a couple different terraces overlooking the sea.  And ended up getting farmer tans instead of the all over ones we’d wanted. Hahaha

Overall it just seemed like we chilled out all weekend really.  Sure, we went to the various bear parties for the Brighton Bear Weekender, but we didn’t really party like we had in past years.

Maybe we’re just getting old.  😉

To be fair, neither of us were really that bothered by the parties as it was more about hanging out together.  We went to most of them (skipped the underwear party at the underground kink club on the Sunday lol), but didn’t really get into the party atmosphere of the weekend.

In fact, when we say the pics of the weekend and the various parties/events, we weren’t in a single picture… making it almost seem like we weren’t there.

But to be honest, it wasn’t much of a surprise to not see pics of us.  The guys taking the pics all weekend only seemed to take shots of the party bears or the people they already knew.

Or maybe we didn’t do anything to really stand out from the crowds.  Maybe we stayed on the sidelines too much.

There were some who went out of their way to stand out, from outlandish outfits to a group of American bears who stripped to their underwear to dance on the podium Friday night just to get their picture taken.

Ready to goPersonally I didn’t even think they were that good looking to warrant the attention, but most of the guys had their mobiles out taking pics of them.  To each their own I suppose.

Anyway.. in the end, we enjoyed our annual weekend away for our birthdays, albeit a week early.  And we were both surprised how neither of us drank or ate too much.  So not like us at all.  LOL

I mentioned to P how next year maybe we should take a pass on the bear weekend thing.. and maybe give them all a pass in general.  Neither of us really feel like we fit in with the bear crowds, so seems pointless to spend so much money on these parties each year.

Well, we’ll see what happens.. meanwhile P’s suggested I come up to Edinburgh in October for the BearScots again.

So much for taking a break from the bears, huh?  LOL

5 thoughts on “Back to Reality.. 2 Weeks Ago

  1. A Guy Without Boxers

    Hi Martin, thanks for the update. I was beginning to think that perhaps a rogue bear had kidnapped you and was continuing to enjoy his ability to ravish you, unchallenged! LOL! 🙂 sorry the weather didn’t cooperate this year. Don’t be too disappointed; this annual event will always have a chill every once in a while. There’s always next summer! Love and naked hugs, buddy! 😉

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