20 Things You Must Accept If You Want Your Relationship To Succeed

  1. Accept the things you cannot change.
  2. Accept that you cannot fix your partner.
  3. Accept that your partner is not perfect.
  4. Accept that not everyone will behave as you do.
  5. Accept that just because they don’t behave like you, it doesn’t make them wrong.
  6. Accept their flaws.
  7. Accept love as they are able to give it to you.
  8. Accept that you love them.
  9. Accept that we all experience things (including love) differently.
  10. Accept that sometimes they can be a bit of a mess.
  11. Accept the mess in the sink.
  12. Accept that they are human and will make mistakes.
  13. Accept their apology.
  14. Accept your differences.
  15. Accept that everyone has a past.
  16. Accept that they cannot read your mind.
  17. Accept that they can’t live up to an expectation you don’t communicate.
  18. Accept that you are not always right.
  19. Accept that there will be good and bad times.
  20. Accept them.

As seen in the article here : http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7139644?utm_campaign=naytev&utm_content=553fc9f0e4b0d907240ac3a1

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