Flathunting, Moving, and The New Neighbourhood


Well, look at this.  Finally I’ve got a bit of time to give an update of what’s been going on over the past few weeks in regards to moving flats.

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breathe, sitting on pins and needles, just desperately waiting for me to let you know how things have been going since my last post ‘On Borrowed Time‘.

Yes, I’m in a cheeky mood tonight.  But aren’t you glad I’m back??  LOL

imageObviously, I’ve finally moved into a new place after a month of searching and looking at tons of crap places I couldn’t afford.  Flathunting is never a fun thing in London, especially when you’ve got a specific budget and area you want to live in.

Since I would in South-East London, I naturally wanted a place that was relatively commutable to work, as well as from Central London in case I went out on the town (as much as I dislike Soho, it seems to be where everyone goes..).

Despite seeing some places perfectly located for my commute to work and in areas I was interested in, they all seemed to basically be too expensive (what are these people paying so much in bills for each month??), or just plain crap/too small/just a joke/gross/unclean/etc.. Or both.

There was this one place that sounded good on paper, and just within my budget.. but when I arrived, the bedroom literally only had enough room for a double bed.  No dresser, wardrobe, shelves, or storage of any kind.  Nothing.  It was so small the bedroom door scraped the end of the bed when you opened it.

Woolwich CentreUmmm… no thanks.

In the end I did find a super nice and (hopefully) cozy place in a gay-flat share with the flat-owner, and it’s well within my budget.  And that’s with the bills on top, shockingly.

Sadly though, it’s not in any of the areas I was looking to move to, but instead is in Woolwich (a bit east of Greenwich, for those who know London).  It’s not an area I would have considered before, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

Oh, and the commute?  Sadly it’s twice as long as I had before as there’s no direct route to work, but I think I’ve managed to find one that gets me there in about an hour each way.  Which is a pretty standard commute for London I suppose (I was spoiled before lol).

The area is pretty cool though, as I’m literally at the end of the main high street with pretty much any shop you could possibly need, and it’s very well connected considering how far out it is (I can get to Central London near Trafalgar Square in about 25 minutes by train).

Woolwich FerryIt also helps that I have a friend who lives just across the river near London City Airport who already knows the area.  In fact, we met up on Sunday afternoon for lunch and then a stroll around the area a bit.  Very handy indeed.

All I know for certain right this second is that I’m SOOOOOOOOO glad the flathunting is over with and now I can settle in for at least the Winter in my new place (hopefully much longer, as I really hate moving LOL).

Now, next thing to get sorted is the issues with my knee.  I have a scan scheduled for next Friday, so fingers crossed they’ll figure things out.  😀

6 thoughts on “Flathunting, Moving, and The New Neighbourhood

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Welcome back to the land of the living, Martin! I’m glad your living situation is resolved, the move over and now you can settle down for some serious dating/writing/drinking/bear-hunting or whatever! Much love and naked hugs, buddy! 🙂

    • Hahaha thanks my friend 😀 It’s definitely a huge weight off my shoulders to be done with the move (other than a few little things to put away here and there).. and some serious dating would be great, but will probably just be some writing and drinking hahahahaha

  2. ivansblogworld

    Was waiting with bated breath for this post. I am so glad you have found a new home and that this is the start of a whole new adventure. Good on you I battle with change, and as good as it is for you it also kick starts your brain to become all alert for the new place around. So please for you and now let’s hope that knee is sorted soon. Ivan.

    • Yeah I’m glad it’s over with as well, but I too despise change. I was comfortable where I was living, and had no plans on moving anytime in the very near future.. but whatever, sometimes you just don’t have a choice in the matter.

      It will be interesting to be in a completed different part of London and give me a chance to explore areas I wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

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