Settling In


As per my previous post, I started a new job this past Monday with a property management company doing administrative work.  Well, I will be once we finally have training which will be this coming week.

Thank goodness, cause it was a bit boring watching everyone else work. lol

So far I’m liking the place, although I wasn’t so sure the first day or so.  Because they deal with a lot of tradespeople (builders, electricians, installation engineers, etc), there seemed to more of a blue-collar feel to the office.  A lot of the upper managerial staff used to work in the field themselves as contractors, so there’s a definite lad’s lad feel about them.  Something I’m not used to.

Or maybe that’s just my inner snob rearing it’s ugly head.

But after a few days and getting to know some of the existing staff, the atmosphere has definitely grown on me.  They’re down to earth, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of office politics (thank fuck lol), and they genuinely seem friendly.  And a large percentage of them are older (ie: 40+) so it’s more about getting the work done than joking around, though there are a few laughs here and there.

But with the type of environment it is and the type of people working in it, it’s made me be cautious about one specific thing – being out at work.  And I’m a bit surprised by that, as I can’t recall a single workplace I haven’t been open in since I came out.

To be fair, it doesn’t matter as I’m just going to be myself, regardless of where I am, who I’m around and so forth.  Which is how I’ve been living my life for many many years, and I’ve learned when it’s appropriate to be ‘out & proud’ and when to just be me.

Anyway, work seems to be going well, and I’m certain once I’m up to speed on the processes and computer systems, I’ll be flying along.  Already this week I got a load of praise from some of the managers thanks to a simple spreadsheet I was asked to create for one of the contracts.  It was just a simple, colour-coded schedule for contractors in a specific area, and the one who asked me to create it couldn’t stop praising how amazing it was.. even though it wasn’t anything fancy or particularly complicated (wasn’t a single formula in it haha).

20acbbb9cd76f89b1a2eda12ad8d9a9fBut just that got me thinking about the place, and the type of staff they usually get (it’s a regional office above a plumbing centre).  Maybe the staff they’d hired before were more inclined to be from or looking to go into a building trade, and not from more of an office background.  And just maybe this could give me an opportunity to really show what I can do with this sort of thing.

We’ll just have to see how things go, though I’m feeling quite positive about the place.  It’s going to be a complete change of pace for me, since it’s not a call centre (YAY!!), I’ll be learning about boiler installations (which I know nothing about), and it’s only a quick bus journey from home.

And hopefully there’ll be some hunky builder who has to come into the office from time to time.. I need something nice to look at.  😉

4 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Wow that sounds like an amazing dream job. I’m self-employed with my partner importing whatever interior supplies from Italy where he’s from, and we’re just a two-man show who not only supply but do the installation ourselves, if the project is not too big or complicated. Otherwise we bring in one or more of the freelance tradesmen who we’ve known for a long time and trust. If, God forbid, business becomes bad and I have to look for another job, the firm and environment you described really sounds like my cup of tea. Of course whether similar firms exist here and whether I have the skills to qualify and contribute is another matter.

    I’m happy for you Martin, that you’re settling in well and that it seems like a nice place with nice mature people with no politics. It also sounds you get to introduce some new ways in admin work and presentation as you go along, so that’s a great contribution they can use and appreciate. Even the ‘quick bus journey’ to work is also a wonderful bonus, more time to rest and do stuff you want to do.

    I hope when you’re eventually out at work, it will be smooth sailing. Hopefully there are other gay guys there too. Best of luck with the new job, and don’t be surprised if you pick up a lot of D.I.Y. skills and become addicted to doing lots of home maintenance and improvement! Cheers.

    • Thanks Halim, though dunno if I’d call it MY dream job lol I’m not worried about being out at work, it’s just that I’m being more cautious in this environment than I have in previous jobs.

  2. ivansblogworld

    What a great surprise after I searched your blog. Amazing new, as I have been absent from blog-world, will explain in my next post.

    Now how I see it, having worked in a no frills, non corporate “blue collar” environment it’s less about politics and more about work, for me they were very accepting of gay and the exterior of a person does not define them, now this is not all people. I may be seen as this private/public schooled guy, who is degreed etc, however to be honest I fitted in better as I was more accepted. I am actually a nerd..!

    I honestly hope that you find your place were you belong and that find you as well as this great person…

    Chat soon. Ivan

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