Are Things Looking Up?


So here I am, just over 2 weeks into my unemployment and job hunt, and I’ve yet to have an actual interview.  I mean an honest to god, face-to-face, get all dressed up and try not to sweat through your suit interview.

Sure, I’ve had a couple of chats with recruiters over Skype or Facetime, but those weren’t actual interviews.  Instead they were more prospecting calls to get to know more about me and my experience, and to to determine if they would put me forward for the role in question (I didn’t reach the interview stage for either role, unfortunately).

It doesn’t feel like it’s only been two weeks since I left my job.  Somehow it feels like I’ve been job hunting forever.  But perhaps that’s more to do with how much I’m looking for a new job, not so much as the actual time that’s passed.

economy-usa-sack-sacking-firings-outsourced-redundant-cwan85l.jpgSo far I think I’ve been averaging at least 50 to 60 applications a week.  I’m keeping track of them all through my Job Seekers online profile (because I have to or else I don’t get any benefits..), but I haven’t really been counting.  Much.

The main frustration I’ve been having is that I’m not getting many replies back.. still.

Just this past Monday alone, I sent out about 30 applications to a variety of roles, with different companies, through different websites.  I spent all day job hunting, taking a break to go to the gym (YA!), and then heading to the coffee shop around the corner with my laptop to do some writing.. But before I realised it, I was filling in more applications.  And then I did some writing (the post To Beard or Not To Beard in case you’re wondering lol).

Well apparently all that hard work might be starting to pay off – Tuesday alone I had calls from at least SIX different recruiters!  This resulted in:

  • A phone interview Wednesday morning for a role near London Bridge;
  • Registered in person in the afternoon with an agency in the city for a role not far from home;
  • A call from another company to invite me to an assessment day next Wednesday;
  • A returned call from one agency to let me know the role in Central London they thought had been filled hadn’t been, so would now be putting me forward for it;
  • And an ACTUAL INTERVIEW next Friday from an application I’d sent off a week or so ago – where if I got the job, a good friend of mine would be my BOSS!!

Phew!! It’s been busy couple of days!Dressing_for_success_tips_on_dressing_for_an_interview_330x330

UPDATE – Received a call back from the agency I’d registered with yesterday and I’ve been invited to an interview tomorrow afternoon for the job not far from my house! 😀

Although I’m very VERY hopeful that something comes from all these calls, meetings and invitations, I’m trying to not get my hopes up in case none of them pan out.  Mostly because I know myself – when I get excited that something is going to work out, I start thinking what it would be like working at such-and-such place, which leads me to become absolutely crestfallen if it doesn’t happen.

Or if I screw up the interview.  Trust me, it’s happened before where I’ve been super psyched to get a specific job, thinking I had it in the bag.. only to be a blubbering mess at the interview.

What I will do is remain positive and confident that I can get any one of these jobs.  None of them are at the same level I was at before the redundancy a couple years ago, but who cares.  It’s a JOB, and I need one as my bills won’t pay them self.  LOL

Mostly I’m just happy that I’m finally seeing some movement from my applications.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that something comes out of one of them.

And pray that I’m not jinxing anything by writing about it here. 😉


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