Brighton Bear Weekender 2014


BBWE2014This past weekend I traveled down to Brighton with my best mate P to attend the Brighton Bear Weekender, a weekend dedicated to bears and their admirers with a series of social and fun events throughout the weekend

This was the second time we’ve gone for the weekend, and once again, we had a terrific time.  Oh who am I kidding, we always have a great time when we go to Brighton, be it on a special weekend or not.  It’s our favorite place to go to when we want to get away for a weekend.

After meeting P at London Victoria (he’d traveled down from Glasgow), we jumped on a surprisingly busy train (it was mid-afternoon on a Thursday..) to the coast and were thrilled that the weather was looking to be warm and sunny all weekend.  Which for us meant one thing – naked beach!

Once we’d arrived and checked into our hotel Legends, we chilled for a bit on the terrace before heading around the corner to the local bear bar for a few drinks, some delicious pub food, and the first of the weekend events – Quiz Night at the Camelford Arms.

Brighton BeachWe were both hesitant to join into the quiz since neither of us are any good at them, but we went for it anyway.  It wasn’t an easy quiz and we’d thought we’d done alright with the questions.. until they announced the results and we came DEAD LAST!!!  Ooops.. but at least we got a free (disgusting) shot as a booby prize.  LOL

The next day after enjoying breakfast at the hotel, we grabbed some food and sunscreen from the shops before heading down towards the marina where the nude beach was.  They have it situated so the stones/pebbles (there’s no sand on this beach) are molded into a bit of a dune so you can relax on the nude beach without worries about being peeked at by those walking or driving past.

198It basically makes the place very secluded (other than from those on the beach or walking through it), and quite a relaxing place to be – my upcoming guest post on aguywithoutboxers will go into more details about how I feel about going to a nude beach.

After a lovely afternoon in the sun, we headed back to get ready for the Welcome Night and Cabaret at the Royal Oak.. and as we were getting ready we both realised we’d missed a couple spots with the sunscreen, so had little sunburns amongst our tans.  Oops.

After the welcome party, we followed the bears to the Bear Cave at Subline, which is a basement S&M club.  Sure there were a few people in chaps or leather, but for the most part it was just regular guys hanging out, drinking, chatting, dancing.. and others who were a bit more naughty in the darkroom.  😉

bearded kissAs for myself, I ended up making the ‘acquaintance’ of two different guys that night – one from Saudi Arabia, the other a Spanish guy from London.  Neither guy were really my type, though things did get a bit naughty with the Arabic guy (I’m blaming the drink LOL), but whatever.  It’s always good to get a bit of attention.

What can I say, sometimes you just need a good snog.  LOL

Anyway, the next day instead of heading to the Brighton Bear Weekender Picnic in Queen’s Park, P and I headed down to the beach once again for another afternoon in the sun.  In hindsight, we probably should have gone to the picnic to be social and went to the beach on Sunday instead, but oh well.  It was a nice afternoon as always, and we came back refreshed and very sun-kissed.

Saturday was the big party night, first with Bear Shaft at Legends basement club, then with Come to Daddy at Envy down the street.  Both parties were great fun with loads of people, cheap drinks, and great music.

Sadly we were both good boys and nothing much happened, though I did see the Spanish guy again but we didn’t chat much.  He was literally on the hunt for someone to stay with for the night as he’d come down for the weekend without booking a hotel room…  Which was a major turnoff for me.  He suggested we meet up once we’re back in London, but I kind of brushed him off with a vague ‘maybe’.

Sunday afternoon found P and I hanging out on the hotel terrace overlooking the sea for a bit before going for a walk.  First stop was Prowler so P could get something special to wear for the final party that night, then we walked along the pier and checked out some of the little shops along the promenade.  It was a nice afternoon despite all the crowds – Brighton is a major tourist area, especially for those wanting a day trip from London.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the Bear Bust at the Camelford Arms for several drinks.  We chatted to a few people here and there, with one slightly annoying and very handsy guy practically latching himself to us, before we decided to grab some drinks and sandwiches from the shop to take back to our room at the hotel.  We’d wanted to gear ourselves up for the weekend’s final event, one we were a bit nervous about going to..

Think smaller, darker venue.. and a lot less clothes ;)

Think smaller, darker venue.. and a lot less clothes 😉

.. the Fur Foam Party at Subline.  A dance party covered in soapy foam.. with everyone just wearing their undies, jockstraps, or less.  I was just wearing a pair of simple black-striped boxer briefs, while P had bought a pair of Aussie Bum boxers that definitely made a certain part stick out..

And we were both a bit uncomfortable about going.  Sure, we’re fine with the nude beach, but there was something odd about standing around a pub in our undies. LOL

Not surprisingly, several of the attendees quickly removed their under-gear to walk around naked.. and then the ‘party’ really got started with people playing with each other right out in the open, some while standing against the bar with the barmen watching the action.  Hell, we watched one guy stand there with a big grin on his face while he got blowjobs from a succession of different men.

Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at things lol), there weren’t many guys at the foam party either of us were attracted to.  So instead we spent the evening chatting to a few people here and there, did our best to keep our beers foam-free, and danced in the foam.. and at one point had a very awkward cigarette out front the club (it’s down a side street) standing in our pants, covered in foam up to at least our knees, chatting with the very hunky (and fully dressed) doorman.

I suppose, when you look at it, it’s not any more shocking than say going to a sauna where you can see all sorts of things going on.  And we both knew there’d probably be some hanky-panky going on, we both just didn’t think it would be so out in the open really.  But of course that could be our naivety kicking in.

Anyway, in the end it was a very enjoyable weekend, and we’re looking forward to planning another weekend there in the near future while the weather is still warm.  And we’ll definitely make plans to go back again next year.. and maybe even take part in the foam party again.

If we’re drunk enough. LOL

To find out more about the Brighton Bear Weekender, please check out their website at  All profits from Brighton Bear Weekender 2014 go to the Rainbow Fund (, a grant-giving fund for LGBT and HIV/AIDS organisations in Brighton and Hove.


12 thoughts on “Brighton Bear Weekender 2014

  1. ivansblogworld

    No f$&@ing wonder you one of the top bloggers. You are incredible talented as a writer, blogger. It was as if I was their. I have done that Victoria train a good couple of times. Brighton is so damn amazing, William and I went to a sex shop in “Camp-den”. I have a very good friend who lives in Hove, so it made me long to visit just reading your post. Sounds like you had a great time. I was never really part of the gay circuit party boys, however nothing better a bunch of gay men partying the night away.
    Your friend P has excellent choice in underwear I am ”huge”’ aussie bum supporter. Thank for letting us all here on blog world be a part of your weekend. Ivan

    • Thank you so much, Ivan! And glad you enjoyed the post.. I actually felt like I wasn’t recounting enough of what we got up to lol Brighton is one of my favorite places in the UK, and I almost moved there two years ago.. Still might someday in the future.

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Awesome, my blogging friend! Good for you and your friend for enjoying yourselves, both at the nude beach and throughout the celebration. I’m grateful for your report of the sights, scenes and experiences! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

  3. Oh my god Martin. My mouth was half opened reading this. You know how much I adore bears and their attitudes. I have not missed Bear Week Sitges for the last six years. This one is definitely in my dairy next year. Thank you for the well written blog. I feel I was there with you. Yasser

    • LOL Glad you enjoyed. It’s a fun weekend, and fairly chilled compared to Manchester or Sitges bear events (never been to either myself) since it’s still only a few years old. Hopefully you can make it next year and we can party in Brighton together. 🙂

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