Definitely some words of wisdom.  No matter what, not everyone around you is going to respect your feelings or how you deal with situations.  It’s all a matter of finding the right ones who will understand where you are coming from, and not look to put you down for how you feel.

Feelings are important, and too often we’re told in today’s society that we shouldn’t fee so much.  That feelings are bad and ‘unproductive’, when in fact it might be the opposite.

Certainly some people out there rely or use their feelings too much, to the point where they are trying to manipulate others around them to their way of thinking or doing things (aka: Drama Queens).  These people are hard work and ultimately won’t get you anywhere in life.

We all need to ensure we are surrounding ourselves with people who are supportive and willing to be there for you when you’re going through a rough patch, who will be willing to actively listen to what you have to say as you describe how you feel.  And vice versa, as this isn’t a one-way street.

As well, too often we tend to shy away from people who are showing their feelings, which in the end can be disrespectful and harmful to the person who is looking for some support.  The worse thing you can do if someone is going through a bad patch is to ignore them, or to leave them alone to get through the bad stuff by themselves, as that won’t help anything.

We all need to be there for each other more, and remember to respect each other.  That is the only way we will get past where we are now and move to the future, happier and healthier.  And full of respect.


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