Look Up



We live in a world full of smart phones and dumb people. At least that’s the message of the below video.

Let’s be honest, we all do it.  We’ll be out in public – be it with friends, loved ones, or even alone – and we’ll be spending all our time looking down at our mobiles.  This happens all over the place, and not just with us gays glued to the ‘dating’ apps trying to see what cuties are around us.

We need to look up.  See the world around us.  Live in the world around us.  Interact with the world and people around us.

The below video makes an accurate point – by continually looking down at our mobiles, we could potentially be missing out of that special someone or the things happening to those we call ‘loved ones’.  The last thing we want is to be too busy being connected that we miss out on something amazing, or noticing when someone around you needs you.

This video has definitely been making the rounds the past few days. Let’s keep the message going.

2 thoughts on “Look Up

    • Absolutely! Nothing worse than being out with friends and they spend more time on their mobiles than interacting. And of course, I need to watch out that I’m not doing it as well. 😀

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