Stay Beautiful


This is a must read for anyone who feels like they’re blindly making their way through life, while constantly looking for something that is missing or that there should be something more to their lives. I know I’ve felt this way many times in the past, and this blogger has encompassed it in a way I never could.

S. K. Nicholas

In the humdrum hours when the faces around me become wallpaper, there’s little to get excited about. The banality of other souls, when the sex on display is nothing more than cheap glitter. It drains me, weighs heavy on my heart that the things that give others pleasure, leaves me feeling nothing but alienated. The drives and desires that should make me happy, produce only headaches and forced smiles. The endless routines, the piss poor outcomes. Day after day, hour after hour. There must be more to life, than mirroring everyone else. The belief, that to climb the ladder means you’re making the most of yourself. That to be successful in your office job, means you’ve achieved something. The conquest of money, or fine homes and holidays in the sun. It drains me to think that this is it. That life has been reduced to such a dreadful blueprint. I…

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