Loving a Good Scare


Just like most people, I love a good scare.  There’s nothing better than watching a really well-made video or movie that makes you cringe and jump when something scary happens.nightmare1

I remember back in the mid-80’s when I first saw ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ with my brother-in-law.  This was my first horror movie.. and damn, did it ever freak me out!

And make me laugh at myself for being scared about a movie.

Not too long after that I discovered Stephen King (‘IT’ was one of his first novels that I’d read.. and still love to this day), eventually moving onto Anne Rice, Clive Barker, and any number of other horror writers.  This was along side my love of fantasy and science fiction.. let’s just say when I was younger I was a very voracious reader, and it was rare that I didn’t have at least one book on the go on top of what I was reading for school.

Of course, like most teenagers, I went through a horror phase where I’d watch or read pretty much anything that came out (good and bad.. ok, mostly the bad).. and when ‘IT’ was made into a tv movie/miniseries, I couldn’t wait to watch it.  Along with things like the original ‘V’.

Anyway, these days I don’t tend to watch that many horror movies (though do still enjoy the odd horror novel here and there).  I do enjoy some of the horror tv shows that have been around lately, like ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘American Horror Story’.

But the below video that a friend posted on Facebook the other night reminded me how much I loved the exhilaration of being scared from a really well video.  This video, which made me jump and scream a couple times (luckily nobody else was home lol), was made by David Sandberg, who won best director for this horrifying short at the 2013 BC Horror Challenge (http://www.bchorrorchallenge.com).

Enjoy .. and don’t turn out the lights. 😉

See more at: http://sourcefed.com/i-am-never-turning-off-my-lights-again/#sthash.a4AqsTqI.dpuf

3 thoughts on “Loving a Good Scare

  1. I loved the original ‘V’ too! That was a lot of fun. I haven’t read Stephen King for a long while, but I remember I really liked his books like Christine and Cujo as a teenager.

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