Days Like This



It truly is amazing how much can change in just 24 hours.

This time yesterday I was patiently waiting (not!) to see the doctor at the surgery. I’d woken that morning with a blaster of a migraine once again.

I’ve been steadily getting more and more frustrated by these headaches so I decided to do something about it. These headaches have been happening over several weeks now. That’s way too long, if you ask me.

Now what I find with my GP’s office is I never get to see the same doctor twice. I can usually get a same day appointment if something comes up, but I know it’ll just be with the on-call doctor who’s just there for the day/week on his or her rotation, not one of the practice’s in-house doctors.

The problem with this is sometimes you get a pill pusher and sometimes you get one who believes in holistic remedies or just ‘letting things run its course’.

On this occasion I obviously got the latter type.

Despite my being in regular pain including tightening my neck and shoulders (I soooo need a proper massage), he didn’t even so much as recommend taking paracetamol or any other headache tablets. That I just need to (continue) taking care of myself and they ‘should’ go away.

He basically said they’re just being caused by stress and tension (which I’d already kinda figured out myself), so just need to relax.

Wow… And he went to medical school for that. πŸ˜‰

I’m fine with a holistic approach and all (he also told me to stop the mild anti-depressant the last doctor prescribed for my insomnia.. Yay!), but is a wait and see approach really good when someone’s in regular pain? How does that treat the issue or possibly any underlying problems?

It doesn’t.

Oh well, whatever. It’s fine I guess because I’m feeling quite chilled today, despite the throbbing in the back of my head.

I spent a lovely evening last night with a cutie visiting London from Bahrain. Then on my way home this morning (don’t judge lol), I met a friend for brunch in Brixton Market and some shopping.

Btw, Colombian breakfasts are sooo yumm!! It’s scrambled eggs, fried steak, rice with beans, corn (flat)bread, and fried plankton. It’s all slightly spiced and has a bit of heat to it but oh so delicious.

So all of that, plus an early afternoon cider at the gay pub in Brixton, has left me relaxed and feeling content. I’m now curled up on my sofa, writing on the iPad with the radio on in the other room, watching the (rare) sunshine starting to fade…

Now if only I had days like this more often…


7 thoughts on “Days Like This

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Good news on your weekend exploits! I seriously resisted the urge to write something else! πŸ™‚ See, I can exercise restraint when necessary! Much love and naked hugs! πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha restraint? Why bother? πŸ˜‰ I think the whole point of the piece was how getting out of the house and doing something. Too often I spend whole weekends just sitting at home, lonely, and feeling sorry for myself, so it’s a nice change.

    • Yeah I’m glad they took me off those anti-depressants as well.. didn’t really feel they were doing anything for me. Definitely try the Colombian breakfast.. it’s absolutely delicious and was only Β£5! Was stuffed most of the day afterwards.

      Thanks Mark, I’ll let you know about the masseur.. I do need to see how my finances are next month after all the absences this month. May be a tight month. :-/

  2. Hey! I found your blog the other day and started following you, hope you don’t mind. I’ve been poking around your posts but havent had the time to properly comment.

    It’s frustrating to read this post about your headaches. True , it could just be stress. But it can also be something else. They should at least consider the possibility especially if you are unresponsive to over the counter medication. But glad you had a chill night and are in good mood. Side affect of anti-depressants are actually headaches so maybe that is a contributing factor. Hopefully, let your natural body level out off of meds and then see what really is going on. Take some time out every day for yourself to just unwind (whatever your vice is) . Sometimes we just need a half hour or so a day to just say ” eff it ” and veg out from the real world. I do it everyday and it worked wonders for me.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. Hope you’ve been enjoying your poke around lol
      Yeah I do take time most days to veg, be it in front of the telly, reading a bit, or playing some silly game on the iPad. Be better if I could afford a holiday somewhere warm and sunny πŸ™‚

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