A Bit of Tongue


I’m not sure if it’s just me being a jealous singleton or if PDA’s (public displays of affection, straight, gay or otherwise) make me feel bad about myself.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Vauxhall waiting for a potential date (shag?) to confirm meeting up, and just watched this woman come in and give her boyfriend (presumably) a huge, deep, LONG kiss for everyone to see. There was definite heat in that kiss.

A part if me feels like I should be happy they have love and affection in their lives. That they’ve found each other, be it for life or a night.

But instead I’m sitting here wondering why I don’t have that passion in my own life? Where’s my other half? Why haven’t I met him yet?

And how much damn longer do I have to wait before he FINALLY shows up?? 😉

I know. I know.. Love comes to those who wait, or aren’t looking for it, or when you least expect it.. Or some other saying people usually say to me when I start moaning about being single. Again.

The funny thing is there are other times when I see something similar to today’s PDA and I’ll go ‘Aaaahhhh, how sweet’, and get all gooey inside.

Love, affection and passion are amazing things, gifts to share really, and should be treasured when you have them in your life. It’s beautiful to see two people (or three, if that’s your thing lol) show such amazing affection for each other.

Just try to keep the tongue action down to a minimum in public ok? 😉


9 thoughts on “A Bit of Tongue

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    IKR! There’s nothing worse than wondering if the two, three (or more) individuals are going to start breeding right there in full view of an uninterested and nauseated public! 🙂 Have a great weekend, my blogging buddy!

  2. PDA annoys me too, and I’m in a relationship lol. Even when I was teen and making out could only be done outside hiding from parents, I never liked that much PDA. Hugging and hand holding. That’s the PDA i love to see. Silent , cute exchanges like an 80 year old couple that just screams awwwweeee. Not teenagers eating each other’s faces and dry humping. Yeah i work retail, so i see ALOT of teenagers attacking each other. It’s gross. I have work to do and they are just dry humping all over my tables I need to fix. Dont even get me started on what they try to do in the fitting.. ugh! Lol.

    • Lol oh I’ve heard tales from mates of some things they’ve gotten up to in fitting rooms, so don’t need to even imagine .At least that’s got a door or curtain to prevent others from seeing lol

      • Roy Henry

        AH! So you admit you like to see it but from the privacy of your own darken home, shades drawn, the blue glow of the computer screen the only light in the place, wearing a shirt but strangely, no pants. Look at it this way, maybe you’re a voyeur and actually DO like it but you don’t want the couple showing PDA to KNOW you like it, because then, well, where the fun be in that?

      • Hahaha how’d you guess? 😉 Well I suppose we’re all just a little bit voyeuristic in the end. I don’t hate PDA’s per se when showing a bit of affection. It’s more when they’re practically swallowing each other’s faces.

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