Back to Work..


So after being off the past two weeks dealing with oh so fun combination of headaches/migraines and insomnia, I finally went back to work today.

Certainly a part of me (mostly my wallet lol) was glad to be getting back to work instead of the lazing and lounging I’ve been doing. It’s so easy to become a complete lazy ass and a hermit (pretty much) in such a short period of time, but I was only getting paid statutory sick pay for this time, which isn’t a lot.

It’s easy to get used to sleeping whenever you want and as long as you need to without worrying you’re late for something.

On the other hand, it took forever to get to sleep last night. I kept laying there checking the time, counting down the hours until I had to get up.

And of course it took my brain a moment or two to recognise the sound of my alarm this morning. And even then I was tempted to just hit snooze a few times (shockingly, I didn’t.).

But it wasn’t until I got to work after dealing with the usual crowded commute that I truly felt it hit me – tons of emails and messages about issues I was looking into before I went off… And they went undealt with until my return.


Admittedly anything in my email (wasn’t as many as I was expecting, but still didn’t get through them all today) could only be dealt with by me since nobody would be able to access that info. Unless they were included on the email obviously.

But there were other issues that could have been dealt with while I was off, and nobody bothered from what I could see. I think that lack of ownership and taking responsibility is what annoys me the most about this job. I do whatever I can to fix situations and everyone else just seems to pass the buck.

Oh well.. No point ranting about it as it’s already happened. Just goes to show what some people’s work ethics are like.


7 thoughts on “Back to Work..

  1. Sweetheart, nothing ever changes. If I was ever off sick (rare) or on leave, I knew there would be a pile of work to return to. No-one else could or would do it.

    Good that you are back to coping with that horrid work life though. Stick it out for the money.

    • I wasn’t really surprised stuff had piled up while I was off. Still frustrating though lol

      And yeah, the money to pay the bills is the only reason to go back 😉 (need to buy that winning lotto ticket… Lol)

    • To be honest I wasn’t that surprised when I got back, more annoyed. Too often in my office everyone seems to do the bare minimum and then pass problems off to someone else to deal with.. Where I seem to take too much on at times. Probably explains how I actually get things done or sorted.

  2. The Movie Man

    Ugh, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I have insomnia, but no matter how tired I am I can never fall asleep before 2am. Then I wake up at 6 in the morning (I work at a retirement home). At my workplace, not only do they never take time to help one another, they literally try to get each other fired. It’s like Game of Thrones…

    I used to work in an office that dealt with peoples taxes. I feel for you buddy.

    • Yeah I’ve worked in a couple places like that before, where you’re constantly watching what you do or say around your coworkers to ensure they don’t have anything to use against you.. Or they just make things up. Not fun or productive.

  3. aguywithoutboxers

    Sometimes it’s easier to go to work when feeling ill than returning to work and getting angry, frustrated and sick (all over again) because no one bothered to pick up the slack. Much love and naked hugs, buddy! 🙂

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