Long & Short of Body Hair


iPad 040214 088As we’ve all seen over the years, there has been this proclivity of male models/actors to ensure they look ‘perfect’ – chiseled bodies with nary a hair in sight.  It’s hard to open up magazines without seeing these hairless wonders.

Now this isn’t just a thing in the gay world, as we all have heard stories of the ‘metrosexual’ who is completely over-groomed.  Sure, these guys (gay and straight) do look great and all, but at what point have they gone too far?

Below is a trailer for a documentary called “Long & Short of Body Hair“, which is a LogoTV documentary that ‘uncovers the where, the how and the why of male body hair, along with a growing counter-culture movement taking pride not shame in their furry manes.

From what you can see in the clip, it seems to solely show both extremes of the manscaping culture – those who remove all hair, not just from their chests or backs, and those who bask in their hairiness (the bear subculture, basically).


But watching it made me wonder – how far is too far when it comes to manscaping?

I have no problem if someone is overly hairy wanting to give it a trim or to wax certain areas like the back, or shoulders.  But when they start getting areas waxed, shaved or lasered like their arms, legs, pubic areas, and even their assholes, that’s when I think this preoccupation against body hair has gone too far.

What’s even more interesting is it seems these same guys who’ll get their entire bodies de-haired, they’ll still grow a bit of scruff or a full on beard to look ‘masculine’.  Ummm.. then why not keep the body hair to begin with then?93617e1d91b482d65d65e33299aeb0fd

Of course, some athletes do remove hair from their arms and legs in order to give them more of an advantage when competing.  But what accounts for those who are not athletes?  What is the purpose of removing arm hair?  Or are they looking for a more androgynous look compared to a masculine one?

Everyone has a different idea or mental image of what a ‘masculine’ man should look like, but I can’t help but be worried about those who think a hairless, prepubescent-looking guy could even be considered masculine looking.  To me, these guys look like little boys who haven’t hit puberty, especially those who go whole hog to remove all hair from their entire bodies.

And don’t get me started on those guys who completely shave off their pubic hair when they still have hair on their chest or stomaches…

Having hair on one’s arms or legs (or anywhere else really) is natural.  Not only is hair a good thermal conductor and aids heat transfer both into and out of the body, but it also allows for a sense of hypersensitivity:

…hair provides tactile sensory input by transferring hair movement and vibration via the shaft to sensory nerves within the skin.  Androgenic hair extends the sense of touch beyond the surface of the skin into the air and space surrounding it, detecting air movements as well as hair displacement from contact by insects or objects. (Source: Wikipedia)

Who doesn’t love the feel of a lover’s touch as a way to increase the sensuality between you?  A light touch across your arm or on the back of your neck will make you shiver (in pleasure I would hope lol) thanks to those little hairs on your skin, be them visible or not.

On the other extreme though we have the ever expanding bear culture, where guys are happy to be hairy, and sometimes the hairier you are, the more attractive you seem to some guys.  44bbecc838ad6bf2e272d1f27d6aba12Some of these guys are so hairy you can barely see their skin.  And when they take off their shirts, it’s like they’re wearing a hair-sweater underneath… To each their own I guess.

Personally, I quite like a bit of body hair.. I’m classified as a bear when looking at the subcultures of the gay world, but that doesn’t mean I’m at all interested in a guy that looks like a Sasquatch.  LOL

Instead I like a guy who has a few natural tufts of hair in all the right places.. and I know I LOVE it when a guy has his shirt unbuttoned and you can see a few hairs peeking out.  😉

I suppose in the end whether or not you like the look of body hair, either on yourself or your partner, is a personal choice and not much can be said to change that.

Check out the clip below of that documentary.   Click HERE to watch the entire documentary on LogoTV (note: only available to stream in the US apparently.. or at least it won’t play in the UK).

4 thoughts on “Long & Short of Body Hair

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    As a purveyor of hirsute men, my preference is for “all natural.” No matter how sparse or thick. That’s just me. To manscape or not is a personal choice but why the hell does anyone want to look like a plucked chicken? LOL! Great job, my blogging friend! Much love and moderately hairy naked hugs! 😉

  2. Roy Henry

    It’s an abomination! Men who eliminate hair from their bodies are basically telling God that he made a mistake and they’re going to fix it. If you’re going to shave your chest you better grow some tits. F-

    • LOL Great response. Definitely put a smile on my face today.

      I agree.. hair is there cause it’s supposed to be there. I can understand some who trim or ‘manscape’ when they are overly hairy (there is such a thing as too much lol), but I have never understood those who remove it completely.

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