Digital Dating – Got Pics?


How is it these days when chatting to guys on these ‘dating’ apps, before you can even cogitate a question to find out about them as a person, they’re sending you pics of their junk and asking you for the same in return.  And that’s usually before or instead of saying ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you?’.tumblr_mpaqx1pMCf1qf3il3o1_500

Where did the romance go?

Or even better – you get a message from someone new (which is always a nice thing lol) and instead of a ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you?’, it some animal sound spelled phonetically.  Since when was a ‘Woof’ or ‘Grrrr’ considered a greeting, let alone a compliment?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude and have *ahem* on occasion used the apps to find a bit of fun, but for the most part I’m looking for something more.

Boy, does it ever seem like I’m looking in all the wrong places.  LOL

Let’s be honest here.  Although more and more relationships are starting from meeting online, I don’t think it’s on apps like Grindr, Growlr, or Scruff.  I’m sure it does happen, but for the most part, these apps are used for one thing only – SEX.


Umm.. awkward..

And for anyone who uses Growlr, you’ve probably gotten the ‘SHOUTS’ from people advertising for certain business services, like massages, club nights and so forth, as well as from people advertising for sex.. And I don’t necessarily mean from escorts, though you do get a few of them as well.

I’m talking about guys spending money to send a location-wide message to all users of the app advertising that they’re horny and want to get laid.  Most of them seem to be drug-fucked, looking for group action, or into unsafe sex.. Sad and scary.

From my experience on these apps, I tend to get some guys who will look at my profile over and over again without ever sending me a message (admittedly, I do the same, but we’re talking about them..).  These are the same guys who’ll see you out in public and stare at you like you’re an optical illusion.. while still not saying anything to you but will check out your profile again while you’re standing the same room as them.  *Sigh*

And then there are the guys who are thousands of miles away with no plans of coming to your area who’ll send messages saying they really like you, as if that will somehow change the fact that they’re in the Middle East or South America.  As if their little confession of their ‘like’ will mean I’ll somehow jump on a plane to go visit them.. as if.

Then of course there are those guys who you chat to over time, who always say ‘We should meet up sometime’ but seem to disappear when you actually suggest it.  As one mate said awhile back, they like the chase but don’t actually want to catch you, because that would ruin their fun and their little ‘fantasy’.1622742_702837363070340_411549341_n

Hmmm… this post is coming across a bit too bitter for my liking.  I’m sure I’ve done some of the above things myself without realising it (no.. I’ve never sent a ‘SHOUT’ advertising I was horny and looking for drug-fueled, unsafe group action lol).

Anyway back to the original point about guys sending pics of their dicks before you can even say ‘Hello’.. This instant reveal takes all the mystery out of meeting someone new.  It ruins any chances of being surprised when they drop their trousers once you’ve made the decision you want to see them naked… and them see you as well.

I know I’ve personally made an effort to remove any somewhat naughty pictures of myself from my profiles and mobile, and don’t tend to send them out at all anymore, even after chatting to someone for ages.  Hell, I’ve even had guys stop talking to me because of it, which is probably a good thing in the end.

Even if they looked smoking hot in their naughty pics themselves… Didn’t say I didn’t like to look.  😉

Note: This post was sort-of inspired from reading the article I Don’t Want to See a Picture of Your Penis over on Huffington Post.


6 thoughts on “Digital Dating – Got Pics?

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    My blogging buddy, soooo funny and also sooo true! Great work! 🙂 At least you’re honest enough to admit that you’ve cruised on these sites. So many others adamantly deny ever using them even with their pictures plastered all over their profile.

    Why do men use these sites? For the reason you discussed: sex. Welcome to life in the age of social media. You get what you get.

    Much love and naked hugs!

    • Yeah I’ve never understood those that deny using the sites and apps, but then you see them hunched over their mobiles checking out who’s around looking for a shag. Lol And yeah ultimately it is all about sex, just wish some guys were willing for a bit more conversation before they send through pics of their naughty bits or start talking about what they want to do to you hahaha

  2. I got three laughs out of this (more than I get out of most blogs). The first chat pic, the threesome pic, and the phrase ‘pics of their dicks’ – beautiful alliteration there. And why are so many gay men so sexually attractive to women might I ask? Shouldn’t be allowed.

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