Work & Blogging Mistakes


Just like a lot of people, I found getting up for work on Thursday after being off for the holidays absolutely agonising. Admittedly a big part of that was due to being ill 2sleep-jpgfor the whole week, as well as an inability to get to sleep on Wednesday night.

Perhaps another part of it is my growing disappointment in my current position and the perceived prospects for the future with that company.  I’m not at the career level I was at before my unemployment and don’t see much room to move back to that level at the moment with this company (from what I can see so far anyway).

I haven’t been discussing work on here much since starting my current job after an extended unemployment (Click HERE for previous post). This has been a conscious decision, mostly due to an experience I had several years ago where I was almost fired from a job for taking about work in a blog post.

Understandably, this was a HUGE mistake on my part, mostly because stupid naive me not only talked about a situation at work, but also named names… Including my company’s name and the name of one of our clients. *Hangs head in shame*

Yeah I know. What a completely stupid thing to do. It was my first job in London and was understandably terrified that I’d just completely fucked up my life here.  I had been super pissed off about being taken off an extra side campaign that I was actually enjoying, and just didn’t think before writing about it.unproductive-891ab

As innocent and naive as I was then (had been blogging maybe less than 6 months at that point), it never occurred to me that anyone could actually find my blog, let alone it could come up in a Google alert. Which is how the client found it (Click HERE for previous post).

Understandably since then I’m much more careful about what I write, because you just never know who may find this site of mine. Not to mention there are a few people from work who are either on my Facebook or have liked the blog’s Facebook page.  Although I am fairly careful who from work I agree to add to my Facebook..

So what does that have to do with my current job, if I’ve learned my lesson several years ago? I think it’s made me hesitant to discuss it on here partly due to the risk someone may read it, not be happy with what I have to say and then forward it to someone who really shouldn’t read it.. Or who may look at it as a breach of the company’s confidentiality guidelines in the employee contract and act accordingly (which was why I almost lost that other job 5 years ago).

So yeah… It means I’m going to be vague and non-specific about certain things, if I decide to write about them at all.

All I do know at this point with my current company is if something doesn’t happen fairly soon that moves me up or allows me to make more money (my old salary was much higher obviously) then I’ll have no choice but to start looking for something new.

And we all know how much I hate job hunting.  LOL


4 thoughts on “Work & Blogging Mistakes

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Unfortunately, the situation you describe here is true, my blogging friend. And it’s not limited to simply bloggers. Too many folks are putting too much on social media that should be kept in confidence. Thank you for posting this as a warning to others. Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

    • Yes that is very true. I remember a couple years back checking myself in on Facebook at work saying something grumpy about working a Saturday, and a mate warned me that wasn’t a good idea since the company would be able to see who’s tagged themselves there. There definitely seems to be a trend these days to tag yourself every little shop, pub, restaurant or place you go these days.

    • Yeah the salary drop thing is a situation I’m in at the moment.. I regret it but at the same time it either a job or staying on JobSeekers.. And that wasn’t paying the bills.

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