My Non-Resolutions


10 top new year resolutionsI’ve never been one for making resolutions at New Year’s, as they are usually unrealistic and generically unattainable.  You know, things like massive life changes that we’d all like to do, and try our best to maintain for about a week or so into January.

Sure, there’s always things in our lives that we’d love to change and work on.  Instead of setting the bar up so high, why not setting some more realistic ‘plans’ for the new year, as this could potentially allow you to organise things in more manageable pieces.  Perhaps give yourself several smaller milestones to achieve in order to eventually get to that big life change you actually want.

Or maybe I’m just talking a load of bollocks.  LOL  No matter how you look at it, it’s still a resolution.

Instead I thought I’d set myself a few goals for 2014 and do my best to actually achieve most (if not all) of them.

I’m not going to set goals that could potentially be intangible or rely on someone else to occur, even if finding a boyfriend is something I would love to finally happen this year.time for change

I’d rather set myself some goals that only I can affect (yes, I know.. only I can affect some weight loss, but not including it here, per se) and would require some work on my part.

So here are my ‘goals’ for 2014:

  • Write more – on this blog, as well as write some more fiction (seriously need to find the saved copy of that novel I wrote several years back..).
  • Study more – I started an online course last year in Project Management.. I really need to finish that, regardless if I end up working in that field.
  • Earn more – this means either getting a promotion at work (don’t think it’s going to happen..) or starting the job search again.  I’m kinda getting by on the salary I’m on at the moment, but there’s no leeway to save anything.
  • Eat healthier – this isn’t about losing weight per se, it’s more about feeling better about my body through healthier food.
  • Get out more – this isn’t that easy, especially with the monetary restrictions I have on my current salary.  I’m always complaining about how alone I am, so I need to do something to change that.
  • Worry and stress less – not sure how tangible or measurable this could be, or if it’s just a matter of changing my mind frame.
  • Travel more – I didn’t get away on holiday all year due to finances and not working for most of it.  All I’ve wanted to do all year (especially in the last couple months) is to spend a week relaxing on a warm, sunny beach somewhere.  But again, that costs money I don’t have to spend at the moment.

I think, for the most part, those are fairly achievable goals for the year.  I just need to set myself a plan to achieve them and do my best to actually reach them.

So.. what sort of goals or resolutions have you all made for yourself?  What do you do to keep yourself on track?


8 thoughts on “My Non-Resolutions

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    A very realistic approach to what you correctly identified as an almost impossible task for many! I wish you the best in striving to meet your goals for the new year. Like yourself, I usually set realistic goals and I try to assess my progress on a monthly basis. If I get off course, I have no problems with getting back into focus. This was a very inspiring post, my blogging friend. The graphic was just too true! 🙂 Much love and naked hugs!

    • Thanks Roger 🙂 Yeah I’m going to do my best to keep things as realistic as possible for the new year.. It’s never easy as time can get away from us all too quickly.

  2. thehowlingfantogs

    Writing more is one of mine. Really need get back to fiction writing, as I have let it seriously slip since I started writing this blog. Worry and get stressed is a nice idea, but life always seems to get in the way. Good luck with these.

    • Yeah I know what you mean.. I work on new post posts and don’t seem have time to write any fiction, or at least don’t have the energy to at times. Think it’s a matter of creating a writing schedule for both and sticking to it.

      As for the worry/stress less… Yeah, not an easy thing to change but doesn’t hurt to try. Lol

  3. As a member of the bestgaybloggers, I was wondering what you thought about this craziness:

    It is worrying that there are people like this in the world! And they claim to Christians! not exactly loving thy neighbour behaviour is it. There is a lot of hype about the ban on homosexuals donating blood in America and perhaps “Christian” views like this are partly to blame when researchers have said that the current standing is “scientifically unsound”. Interesting that this so-called (and unnamed) doctor thinks he knows better.

    Have you tried donating? I’m not sure what the rules are but I know it is permitted in certain circumstances. I wonder if homosexuals know they can donate and what the criteria are, as I had always assumed blood donation would be banned over HIV fears.

    Apologies if this topic does not interest you, just thought if it did you might want to write about it. I’ve said a few lines about it in my recent blog post:

    Hope you have a good weekend. Great goals by the way, I think we all need to do more of that!

    • Just finished reading that ‘craziness’. It still astounds me how in this day and age that people can still use vague Bible quotes as a reason to discriminate against the gay community for all sorts of reasons..

      To be honest, I haven’t looked into blood donation in years, especially since I moved to the UK. I guess I’d always assumed it was banned like it is in the US and Canada (though if I recall, the Canadian Red Cross was looking to repeal this a few years back..). I’ve only ever donated once and that was back in my college days before I’d come out.. might be time to look into it again, despite hating needles myself.

      And it’s definitely an interesting idea for a posting. I’ll have to research into it a bit more and see what I come up with. Thanks for the idea 😀

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