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As someone who can, at times, be a complete lazy-ass, I do occasionally find it inspirational to ready articles on sites like Successify!  The site is all about being inspirational and up-liftingsloth_lazy_tv_art_mloveizm_magazine while helping you build strategies for being more successful in the future.

Of course, it would probably help if I put more of their tips into practice.  😉  But even if I don’t actually use these tips, I do find it makes me look at how I organise my life and look to the future, which is always a good thing.

I would never consider myself an expert on being successful or motivating others (far from it!!).  However I think it is helpful to get different perspectives on the same topics… So here is my own take on the site’s article 7 Ways to Have an Amazing Day.

#1 – Try New Things

For someone like me, who is a creature of habit, this is sometimes easier said than done.  I always say I’m going to do something I’ve never done, be it visiting some historic Londonskydiving landmark I’ve only previously walked past, or trying that new restaurant.. or even building up the courage to actually approach a guy for once.

I suppose some part of me may be afraid of the unknown and I am way too deep into my own comfort zone, or hell maybe I’m just afraid of trying something new by myself.. But the last thing I want to do is to look back 10 years from now and regret the things I didn’t do.  Maybe it’s time to get out there and enjoy all the new experiences and fantastic moments just waiting for me outside my door..

#2 – Keep Learning

As the original author notes, as kids it seemed like we were learning something new on a daily basis and that feeling of learning something new is amazing (or at least it seemed it was as a kid).  Man studying from homeHowever as adults, once we’ve completed our schooling and gotten ourselves a job, it seems like we all just stop learning.. and that’s not good.

As for myself, last year I started an online certification course in Project Management because I thought it would be a good boost for my career and the jobs I was doing at the time.. However after a year of unemployment, the course has been left largely unfinished and has cost me more money in order to continue it.  Really need to get off my ass and get back to studying.  It’ll only help me in the long run.

#3 – Be Kind

Sometimes this is easier said than done.. and in today’s busy society (especially in London) where people are constantly running from one place to another, it’s quite easy to forget the niceties in life.  We’ve all been on the receiving end of a ‘Watch where you’re going!’ growled at us, even when it was the other person who bumped into us.  And let’s be honest, most of us when we’re traveling home from work, we tend to ignore those around us and frown on those who *gasp* actually attempt eye-contact.

#4 – Stay Productive

Being productive and having something to show for your day can sometimes be easier said then done.  productiveI know for myself, there are days where I just want to chill out and relax.. but at the end of the day it can sometimes feel like I’ve wasted it.  A lot of people create ‘To-Do’ lists (be it for today, this week, or for the month) and that works for them.

Depending on what I’m working on at the time (studying, writing, etc), I’ll sometimes create myself a timeline spreadsheet (comes back to the Project Management way of thinking I think..) where I’ll give myself goals and deadlines to complete something.  I also did something similar when I was unemployed last year as a way to monitor my job hunt while trying to motivate myself to keep looking.

#5 – Avoid the “Success Killers”

Now this is where I tend to lose some valuable productivity time, as I love the ‘Success Killers’ – television, social media, games, and so forth.  I love nothing better than lazing on the sofa watching a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ marathon or in bed playing Candy Crush or the last Angry Birds game.unproductive-891ab

But unfortunately sometimes these things eat away at your day a lot faster than you’d like them to to, or even more than you realise.  I used to play an online game called ‘Kingdoms of Camelot’ through Facebook, and I used to spend days on end playing the game or chatting to others in my alliance … Which meant I wasn’t doing what I should or needed to be doing, even if it was just doing some writing on here.  I still enjoy these games and modes of relaxation, I just need to work on reducing the amount of time they take up my life.

#6 – Look for Ways to Serve

It took me several reads to understand what the original author meant by this point.  I initially thought they meant to go out and do charity work, which would be a meaningful way to fulfill this point.  But I think what they mean was just to be there for others and work towards developing personal joy or happiness.  Basically we need to stop looking for happiness and start help others to feel it instead.. could be as simple as a smile or a ‘hello’ to someone, a phone call to a friend to thank them for being there for you, or helping someone out when they need it.

This is something everyone needs to work on.

#7 – Find A Purpose

This is all about finding a goal to work towards, something that inspires you and drives you forward.  It could be one big goal or several smaller ones that build up to something big, and could be several things at once.. though you don’t want to wear yourself too thin.purpose image

For me, one of my big goals in life was to come live in Europe, which I achieved back in 2008 when I moved to London and that was a huge achievement for me.

These days, my goals are more around writing on this blog and looking to see what the future holds for it and where it could take me.  I am hoping that someday I could write full-time, make this my career and look to writing more fiction (and being published of course).  But for the moment I’m concentrating on keeping this site active, entertaining and engaging .. and hopefully it will grown organically to where I want it to be.

Life is all about motivating yourself to where you want to go while encouraging those around you to go for their dreams as well.  We all need to work on being more supportive to those who may not have the inner courage to reach for that gold ring.

Click HERE to read the original article


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