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Now this is an article that I wish I had found way before today.. and had the forethought (or money) to do the last one on the list.  Maybe next year.  😉

Admittedly I could have done more of points 1 or 2.. but after winning an iPad mini at work and my housemate giving me a nice big bottle of Jack Daniels I figured I had enough gifts for myself.  And screw the decorations, it’s enough that the radio station I’m listening to keeps playing the odd Xmas song.  That’s enough, right? lol

Anyway, however you’ve been spending today, I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves and are surrounded by love, either in person or virtual (I’ll be on Skype with the family a bit later..).


Maybe the idea of spending another Christmas Day watching your family fight is too much to bear, perhaps you’re a long way from home, perhaps you just want the day all to yourself, whatever the reason Christmas Day alone can be a marvellous thing.

My first Christmas alone was about nine years ago, it was my first year at university, I was staying in halls of residence, working locally and only had Christmas Day off. I was totally unprepared and ended up eating three Christmas dinners due to lack of planning and inability to say no to people who felt sorry for me. Worst Christmas ever. Four years ago however was my second solo Christmas, I was totally prepared and it is still one of my all time favourite Christmas days ever. You just need to follow some simple rules:

1. Embrace Christmas

A guide to spending Christmas alone
Even Libby the miniature horse is embracing all things festive so don that Christmas jumper (Picture: Bob Wellinski/AP)

Pretending it’s not Christmas will make you feel pretty lousy, get that tree up, totally go over-festive with decorations all over your house and mull the hell out of anything alcoholic, which leads us on to number two…

2. Spoil yourself

A guide to spending Christmas alone
Christmas Day is all about YOU this year, be nice and buy yourself some lovely presents (Picture: File)

Just buying food and drink for yourself massively reduces the cost of Christmas. Splash out on a really nice bit of beef, some proper champagne as opposed to Cava, all the extra super duper special food, go to town, buy yourself a really nice bottle of wine/single malt/fancy cheese. Buy yourself a present or twelve, nice new books, DVDs, clothes and most importantly wrap them up, it’s still ace to see presents under the tree and open them over your champagne breakfast.

3. Movies

A guide to spending Christmas alone
No one is going to moan that you’re watching total rubbish all day, immerse yourself in it. (Picture: Getty)

Fill your day with loads of great movies, the remote is ALL YOURS, it’s a day of total indulgence, get dressed up, stay in your pyjamas or don that horrific festive jumper as you watch Elf for the 8th time this month.

4. Booze

A guide to spending Christmas alone
There are huge discounts to be had on good booze at the moment, make the most of it. (Picture: AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz)

As I said earlier this is NO TIME TO SKIMP ON THE GOOD STUFF, you don’t have to worry about someone drinking your champagne and giving you a gift of nasty mulled wine in exchange so spend a bit extra on something rather special. Supermarkets have offers on pretty much all their premium spirits so buy yourself something nice. If however, you are drinking to drown your sorrows rather than sheer enjoyment then you should probably head to the pub and hang out with people instead.

5. Leave the country.

A guide to spending Christmas alone
Or just pack your bags and head somewhere awesome until it all blows over. (Picture: Getty)

If the thought of spending Christmas alone at home still fills you with dread then don’t. There are plenty of last minute flights and holidays around online, go skiing or go lie on a beach and reappear in 2014, actually that sounds like a mighty fine idea to me.

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