Reminiscing and Rebranding


As I rapidly approach my FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of writing and blogging on Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind, I find myself looking back at my first couple of posts while contemplating the future of this space.  My first post (click HERE to read) was back on December 14th, 2008.. seems like so long ago!Jumping Into the Unknown

When I first started on this journey (if I can call it that), my original thought was this would be a great way to keep my friends and family informed on how I was adjusting to my new life in London.

My first few posts were about moving to London (click HERE and HERE) as well as a couple of prospective ‘articles’ (click HERE and HERE to read) I’d written back in Montreal for a potential gay magazine someone I knew was looking to put together (it didn’t happen, so the first time they were published, as it were, was here on my blog).

Things have obviously moved on from then with me posting all sorts of different topics, with it continually evolving over the years.

It’s kinda fun to look back at where I was 5 years ago and remember how daunting it seemed to be starting a blog of all things.  If I remember correctly, I think it was a coworker of mine who’d suggested it when I’d mentioned I loved to write (he had a cycling blog at the time.. unsure if he still does or not).  And he’s the one who told me about WordPress.

But now that I’m at this milestone (and actually missed another last week when I passed 50,000 hits!!!), it’s gotten me wondering about the future and where I want to take this space in the future.

I’ve had a couple conversations with a friend about this, and he’s suggested I need to rebrand the blog itself, as well as reformat things – in his opinion the background and format is too dark, the typeface is too small (I agree, but the template doesn’t allow this to be changed), and that I need to change the title to something that is more brand-able.


Another thing he’s suggested is to move this blog to my own website once I’ve decided on a rebranding, something catchy that fits the nature of my writing and postings.  I’ve always loved the name of my blog, as I felt it fit me and my overall mind-set.. but I do admit it is too wordy.

So I thought I’d open the discussion to all of you, whether you come by on a regular basis or have popped in for the first time.  What would you like to see changed or modified on the site?  Do any of you have any suggestions of where to take this blog in the future?

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing and Rebranding

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    I like the poll idea and I voted in the “other” category as I think the format and title are fine as is. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, my blogging brother! Congratulations on your accomplishments here! Much love and naked hugs (and a special anniversary hug just for you)! 🙂

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