I Hope – Rebecca Ferguson


I can honestly say that Rebecca Ferguson‘s debut album ‘Heaven’ has the distinction of being the only album I’ve purchased from an X-Factor finalist (click HERE for past post).  And I have to say, over a year later, I’m still loving the album over and over.

rebecca-ferguson-i-hope-Freedom-album-artwork-officialNow Ms Ferguson has released her follow-up album ‘Freedom’, and while the first album was about getting past heartaches, her new album is about moving on.  And doing it with her usual velvety, smoky voice and looking glam as always in the video for her debut single, ‘I Hope’.

Now admittedly, I wasn’t so sure about this new song when I first hear it.  I thought it was too repetitive and that maybe she was over-extending how she holds her end notes… but once I heard it a few times I realised that it was because of those things that made this new song so catchy and stick in my head.  In a good way.

Initially maybe I was just hoping for more of the feel of ‘Heaven’ that made me critical of the song, but now I realise that this album is her moving past where she was emotionally and musically on her first album.

And I’m so glad she has.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the full album as yet, but the bits I have heard I absolutely LOVE.  Her voice is more confident and stronger than ever, and she has definitely left behind that nervous quiver she had when first auditioning for X-Factor a few years ago.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the album in full once it’s released (December 2nd I think).. and you can get a free download of the single ‘Fake Smile’ on Amazon.co.uk as well (click HERE).

Enjoy. 😉

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