Exploring History – Tower of London


It’s so easy to forget sometimes that I live in an amazingly historic city, where there are tons of things and places to see, visit and explore in London.  It’s not just the historical sites or museums, as there’s a plethora of more modern things to do as well.  But it’s more that I’m here in this city and I tend to not think of ‘playing tourist’ in my own city.IMG_1795

I really should do it more often.. we all should really.

Instead, I tend to get stuck into my day-to-day life of work, sleep, eat, and occasionally having a social life (whatever that is lol).

If anything I think there are tons of people living in this city (or other historical cities around the world) who’ve never actually done the touristy things because it’s ‘just there’ and you get in the mindset of maybe you’ll go visit this place or that one when some relative comes to town to visit.

Well that’s kinda of what happened with me last Sunday.  A dear friend of mine from my days in Montreal (he lives in Vancouver now) was in town on a 24 lay-over (flight crew for a Canadian airline), so he suggested we do something touristy.  He tends to get a London flight once every 6 months or so, so we usually just spent it getting pissed in Soho and not doing much else.

IMG_1797 IMG_1796 IMG_1798

After messaging back and forth on Facebook, we eventually decided to meet at London Bridge station, walk down the river to cross over Tower Bridge, and then over to the Tower of London itself.

Now despite my living here for 5 years or so now, I’d never been to the Tower of London.  Sure I’d walked by it a couple times, or passed by on a bus, but never considered going inside and taking a peek around.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t interested, because I was, it was more that it just never happened..

First thing you need to know about Tower of London if you’re going to visit is you better be wearing comfortable shoes and be able to stand for long periods or climb lots of stairs.  Walking by it doesn’t necessarily look like the towers would be that high, and they’re really now, but there are tons and tons of tiny stairwells.

IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1799

As for the standing around, we had to wait in the queue for about 40 minutes to get into the Crown Jewels exhibit and then walk through the exhibit itself at a very slow and halting pace (though there is one section where they have a moving sidewalk past some displays).. only to have everyone crowding around one little display of the Crown Jewels themselves.  It was cool to see (you’re not allowed to photograph it though..), but just seems like the rest was a build up for something that didn’t happen.. but that’s just me probably.

The other exhibit we had to queue for was the Torture Tower.. which was actually in a basement/dungeon, and wasn’t that exciting.  We went into a tiny lower room that had maybe 3 torture devices on display, then up and our again.  Just a tad disappointing.

IMG_1800 IMG_1802 IMG_1808

Maybe I’m a bit of a sadist, but I think it could have been cool if people could have been strapped into some of the devices (like the rack) to get pictures taken.  At least it would have made a fun Facebook pic.  Hahahah

Overall it was a cool visit to the Tower of London and I did enjoy it, but probably not as much as someone else who’s really into history or war memorabilia.

More than anything it was cool to hang out with my friend, joke around, and just catch up on life.. and take pictures of course. 😀

IMG_1818 IMG_1816 IMG_1815 IMG_1814 IMG_1813 IMG_1812 IMG_1805 IMG_1807 IMG_1819

7 thoughts on “Exploring History – Tower of London

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    It’s always fun to “explore” with a buddy! Like yourself, I tend to take such landmarks for granted and procrastinate actually visiting. Living in the Washington, DC, area, that’s easy to do. As to your “sadistic” nature, great photo opportunities, yes, but I doubt those undergoing the “real” procedure felt that way! Great post and cool pictures! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

    • LOL Yeah I doubt they did either. Just felt they could have spiced up that exhibit a bit.. but can understand why they don’t since there are children coming through as well. Am hoping do explore some other sites again soon 😀

  2. ivansblogworld

    Good for you and I also not a person who does museums and art galleries, however when I have done some it was amazing. And it’s good that you were OUT there having fun. Hope going well with you. Ivan.

  3. I worked for a small UK airline in the good old days when the dollar was still the king in Europe. I loved playing tourist in London. Maybe this trip will motivate you to do more discovery on your own……who knows who/what you might find? 🙂 Great post and pictures.

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