Death of Actual Communication


Isn’t it just absolutely amazing how many different ways we have to communicate with each other these days?  Between texts, Tweets, Facebook, WhatsApp and any number of other apps and websites, you’d think we all spent all of our time talking to each other.

mobile to foreheadBut we don’t.

Instead we spend all of our time looking at our mobiles, be it to answer messages or review comments made on that super witty status update (well, at least you thought it was witty.. why isn’t anyone commenting, goddamn it!!!).


I don’t know about any of you, but it feels like I so rarely use my mobile as an actual phone that I’m sometimes surprised when it actually rings.  LOL  Though to be honest that is mostly my fault – I actually hate talking on the phone.  And I’ve been working in call centres for over a dozen years.  Go figure..

In my experience, it seems like everyone has forgotten that it’s quicker to just pick up a phone to ask someone something or to discuss something that’s happened (good or bad).  Instead we’ve become a society of texters and Facebookers.. and as much as we all bitch and moan about people only communicating that way, we all still keep doing it ourselves.

So is my writing of this post going to get people to stop doing this, or even for me to stop doing it myself?  I highly doubt it.

But I do think there are a lot of positives of the advent of this technological era.  Firstly it allows people to keep in contact with people over long distances in an instant and reduces expensive phone bills.  I know I use Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Skype as a way to keep in contact with family back in Canada somewhat regularly instead of calling them directly (though I have been a bit lax on that lately.. oops).

meaningful communication

It also has the added benefit of letting people meet others from around the world without having to physically go to that other country.  We all know someone somewhere who’s had some kind of internet romance and flown off to meet the love of their lives.. or that weekend’s shag (I know you’re out there!).  It doesn’t always turn out well, but at least they’re going for it.

I know I’ve met many people from around the world through dating and chatting apps, some of whom have become dear friends/mates of mine and I still chat to occasionally now.  And for a couple of them, it’s given me opportunities to travel to other countries I might not of thought of going to in the first place (I think of Luxembourg in this instance.. and I highly recommend spending a weekend there.  It’s gorgeous!!).

In this day and age where everyone seems to always be busy doing something, it’s probably not surprising they spend all their spare time glued to their mobiles to catch up on what their friends on doing, since they don’t actually have time to meet up with them in person to properly catch up (how or why not, I haven’t a clue.. I personally don’t get it).

Basically I think these apps and such have helped make the world much smaller in that it’s easier to reach out and touch someone (that be a great advertising slogan.. oh wait.. ) and how it’s more of a common thing these days to travel to other countries around the world.  Sure people have always loved to travel, but I think more people are traveling these days to more interesting and exotic locations than they might have been a decade or so.

At the very least it helps give them a new Facebook profile pic.  LOL

4 thoughts on “Death of Actual Communication

  1. ivansblogworld

    I have to be honest, I am a text guy, so is William. If I phone him he answers in a very irrational voice, WHAT is so important that you cannot text? But it’s sure is a great tool in today’s world. Makes it a much smaller place for all of us. Great post. Ivan

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    A very accurate observation on how we communicate in today’s busy world. Modern technology has also made communication an equal field. Persons with differing abilities are able to participate on the same level as others. Now, if we can just get folks to actually exchange an idea instead of a photo of their lunch or new footwear! Great job with this! Much love and naked hugs!

  3. I’m probably the only person in the Western Hemisphere who does not text. I can appreciate the concept and see it an asset for most people today, but I was born with a telephone in my hand and still need to use the human voice and ear for real communication. Wonderful post.

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