Imagine a World Where Being ‘Gay’ Was the Norm


I recently saw the below video over on fellow blogging site Queer Landia, and it’s extremely powerful.. and very thought provoking.

This short film flips the world’s sexuality and shows things from a young closeted heterosexual girl as she deals with the pressures of being straight, hiding who she is, and the ensuing bullying she receives from her classmates.

Most definitely NOT a comedic

It’s also somewhat disturbing, at least to me that is.  If we did live in a world where the sexualities were reversed, and being gay or lesbian was the norm, would we truly really act like that?  Would we act as hateful and treat heterosexuals as bad as they have us over the years?

Sadly I think the answer might actually be yes..

Initially when watching this video I kept looking at it from the point of view of how we live now, of how inclusive the LGBT community generally is of others and we tend to embrace all other outcasts from society.  And that perhaps if the whole world was gay that it would just be a big fabulous party full of love.

But then I started looking at it as if the whole gay rights movement didn’t need to exist, but instead was a way of life.  And sadly, as human beings, we tend to shun anything we don’t understand and doesn’t fit into the ‘norm’.  As much as some might want to hold their head up and think they’re above the attitudes or actions depicted in this video, deep down we’re all fundamentally the same and get scared of the unknown.

However that’s not the only point of this video.

Bully1alamy_2225842bI personally would love this video to be shown to school children around the world so they can truly feel and understand how bullying can affect one person, regardless of the reason for the bullying.  This could potentially be a great PSA against bullying, however I highly doubt it’ll ever get a single showing in a classroom, even if it could potentially prevent a future bullying.

And at the same I would love to have their parents watch this video as well, because then maybe they’ll start seeing how their words can hurt their children without realising it.  Just watching the scene where the mothers were talking about the ‘disgusting’ new couple that moved in down the street and the ensuing hetero-phobic comments made while watching the young girl’s facial expressions was absolutely heartbreaking..

This was an amazing short film.. And needs to be shared around the internet so we can continue to get this message that bullying, whether intentional (being beat up by classmates) or unintentional (overhearing your parent’s conversation), cannot be tolerated and needs to be stopped.  Regardless of your sexuality.

Please share.

5 thoughts on “Imagine a World Where Being ‘Gay’ Was the Norm

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Cool post and very provocative. It does offer the heterosexual majority some serious “food for thought.” Sadly, I do think your opinion that if roles were reversed, our GLBT community might be just as harsh and judgmental as others are towards us. Nice work, buddy!

    • Yeah it be nice to think otherwise if the roles were reversed.. I think it’s more of a human nature that we are harsh and judgmental of others, regardless of sexuality.

      • aguywithoutboxers

        Unfortunately, I agree with you. As a species, we tend to focus on our differences rather than our similarities.

  2. Roy Henry

    As long as the majority thinks they are on God’s side they will always feel morally superior regardless of the situation. Thanks for sharing.

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