Second Chances or Reopening Old Wounds?


We’ve all had people come in and out of our lives in the blink of an eye, some more rapidly than others.. and others still who leave us behind seemingly without a second thought.

people-lonelyObviously the vast majority of these people are out of our lives for very valid reasons, whether it was through a conscious decision we’ve made to remove them from our lives (or perhaps them to remove us), or just by drifting apart for whatever reason.

But at what point do we let some of these people back in our lives?  Is it really a good idea, or is it just inviting more trouble/drama/headache for the future?  Especially if things didn’t exactly end on good terms..

I’ve been thinking over this exact situation over the past week or so, as two different guys from my past have suddenly popped back up.  Neither guy was one I thought I’d ever see or talk to again, let alone consider spending time with again.

Well, I say that but that’s exactly what I did do last night with one of the guys.  We met up for a couple drinks, dinner and some chat.. and ended up falling back into our old flirtations as if it hadn’t been a few years since we’ve seen each other.  And yes, there was some hot and heavy kissing going on.


When I’d agreed to meet up, I’d totally planned on being cool and aloof with the guy since I still felt kinda hurt with how things ended way back when.. and I did my best to restrain myself for awhile after he showed up, despite his constant flirting and a bit of groping on his part (kept grabbing my ass and growling lol).

kissing in rain2The thing is, once we got chatting it felt like no time at all had passed.  We’ve always gotten along really well (and I don’t just mean sexually.. although that was always loads of fun hehe), so it was easy to just relax and enjoy spending some time together wandering around Soho.

Perhaps a bit too easy… but that could be me thinking more of it all than it really is.

Despite all the flirting (and the eventual kissing), we both went our separate ways home with the idea of meeting up again next week sometime.  And interestingly (or oddly, I’m not sure yet) he said quite clearly he didn’t want me to think he only wanted to meet up with me for sex.  Without over-thinking it (which I so easily do), it almost sounds like he’d like to date.. or something.

Who knows..

As for the other guy from my slightly more recent past, he sent me a message on Skype last Saturday as I was on my way out for a couple drinks.. and I haven’t heard from him since (think he’s waiting for me to message that I’m available to chat).  Of course it was a total accident that I was logged into Skype in the first place – I’d meant to open the app beside it.  LOL

The message he sent me was somewhat cryptic and made me wonder what could he possible have to say to me after all this time.. and do I really want to hear it?

However I do think it’s interesting.. Now that I’m all settled into the new house and about to fly past my probation period at work, suddenly these guys have come out of the woodwork.  Or is this just coincidence?

I guess only time will tell how things turn out.. and if I allow myself to let these people back in my life in one form or another.


3 thoughts on “Second Chances or Reopening Old Wounds?

  1. ivansblogworld

    Blast from the past. Sometimes people are meant to get back onto our paths, we do not always know why. Enjoy this time, and keep us posted. Ivan

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Ditto to Ivan’s comment and one additional thought: sometimes, it is BETTER the second time around! Maybe the hiatus was for a very good reason! Much love and naked hugs!

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