A Change of Seasons


There’s definitely something about this time of year that always gets me down and wishing I could go away for an extended holiday.  Summer has always been my favorite time of year, as I’m a total sun-whore.  LOLAlone

Like a lot of people, I always feel better when it’s sunny out and I can get a chance to be out in it for a bit, even if it’s just sitting in the park on my lunchtime.   And now that Autumn has come in full-swing, I find myself missing my daily dose of the sun.

The thing about living in the UK is there usually aren’t very many truly sunny days, although this past Summer was absolutely brilliant.. for once.  We actually had a proper Summer with warm sunny days throughout August and a bit of July.

But part of me thinks maybe I let it pass me by too quickly and I missed out on truly enjoying the sunshine.  I didn’t start my new job until end of July, and I tried to get out of the flat to sit in a park or near the river on nice days while I was still off work, but I wonder if I ‘t squandered that time.

Of course, once I started working again that was when the truly nice weather come on full swing.  So instead of being able to enjoy the weather I was stuck in the office, wistfully staring out the window.

Perhaps it’s one of those things where you always want what you don’t have.. When I was unemployed, my main wish was to find work and get back to living my life.  But once I got that, I missed the freedom I’d previously had while unemployed where I could go and do what I wanted when I wanted to (if I could afford it lol).

IMG_1749I should note that I started writing this post yesterday when it was grey and chilly out.. and today (Sunday) has been shockingly warm and sunny.  I haven’t spent a lot of time out of the house today, but have gone for a walk into Crystal Palace to grab groceries and spent some time relaxing in the back garden.

The one thing I know I missed this past summer was spending time down in Brighton.

Most summers my mate ‘P’ and I go down to Brighton over our Birthday weekend, and if we can, at least one other weekend during the course of the summer.  We’ve been fairly lucky with the weather on the weekends we’ve gone down, so usually spend most afternoons while there sunning our bits on the nude beach.

This year we didn’t get to do any of that.  In fact, this was the first year in about 4 or 5 years that we haven’t spend out birthdays together, mainly because I couldn’t afford to do anything thanks to my unemployment.  (He came down over Easter weekend, which had been the first time since last summer..)

But it’s more than just missing out on us celebrating our birthdays together (although this year was both of our 40th’s).

I think over the past couple years, popping down to Brighton on the weekends or on a day off made it feel like I was going on a mini-holiday to get away from the usual London life.  Laying on the (nude) beach with a bit of lunch, listening to some music and reading on my Kindle.

But I only went down once all summer, mostly because I couldn’t really justify the expense while on benefits of a train ticket and a day out in Brighton.  Unfortunately.IMG_1729

Basically I think I just need a good sunny holiday somewhere.. although I’m still recouping financially from the past year, I’m very tempted to run off for a long weekend sometime soon.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “A Change of Seasons

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    My blogging brother, like yourself, I, too, am a summer man, so I understand your feelings. Be good to yourself for staying focused and landing a new job AND a new home! Take that mini-holiday! Great photo, friend! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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