Life as a Commuter


It’s only been a week so far, but I’m finding myself struggling to adapt to my new commute to work everyday.  I’ve gone from a 10 minute walk to spending the better part of an hour traveling to work. That includes about a 10 minute or so walk to the rail station and then 2 trains.

The first train isn’t too bad as I can usually get seat, although all the seats are full so can’t get too comfortable when you’ve got people crammed in on either side of you.  I just pop on my iPod and play Sudoku or check Facebook.


It’s the second train from Clapham Junction that is absolutely rammed packed.  The past two mornings I’ve had to wait for a couple trains to come by before I could cram myself onto the train due to them being so busy.

I’m sure once I get into a new daily pattern at the new place I should be fine, but so far no two mornings have been the same.  One morning I didn’t even get a chance to have a coffee let alone any sort of breakfast as I thought I was running late (hit the snooze way too many times that morning hahaha) but ended up just making it to work with 10 minutes to spare.

Of course this past Monday morning I was so paranoid I’d be late or wouldn’t catch an early enough train that I left for work way too early.  I ended up at Vauxhall a good hour before I was due to start work.  LOL  At least it gave me time to grab a quick breakfast at Pret.  🙂

Coming home after work is a completely different matter as both trains are completely busy so end up standing all the way, and then facing that 10 to 15 minute walk home uphill.  Fun hahaha

I still think it’s quite ironic that after living in Vauxhall for so many years and wanting a job that more central, that now that I’m working in Vauxhall itself, I’ve moved to the suburbs basically.

It’s all good.. at least I don’t have to take the tube to work. 😀


One thought on “Life as a Commuter

  1. ivansblogworld

    I love your statement how ironic is life. I can relate to that, we plan things out and the life happens. We wanted to love in the suburbs however we never took into consideration the commute, we have to drive to work. However we now both leave at 6 in the morning to avoid traffic. We adapted after awhile but no hit the snooze button for us. Enjoy the weekend. Ivan

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