The New Job So Far


Once again, I’ve been offline for the past couple of weeks.  Well, offline from my blog that is.

I’m online everyday pretty much, be it on Facebook, watching TV shows on LoveFIlm (am currently watching the 5th series of Star Trek: Voyager lol), checking emails, reading entertainment news on Digital Spy, viewing profiles on various dating/chat sites, or sometimes just playing some silly online game.unproductive-891ab

But for whatever reason, despite being online daily, I just haven’t had the drive to write about things going on with me these days.

It’s been about a month since I started my new job, and a week since we finished training so I’m now on a regular schedule starting at 8:30am every day.  To be honest, it’s been somewhat draining, especially over the past week when I’ve had to get used to getting up 6:30am to get ready for work.. and my sleeping patterns have completely flown the coop.

Of course work itself hasn’t been that stressful.  If anything I’m finding it fairly easy.. well I should, since I’ve done this type of work before years ago and have managed teams of people doing it too for the most part.

Though I am still finding it a bit odd to adjust to not being in a managerial position.  Oh and I have only had 2 or 3 sales so far, but to be honest I’ve been concentrating on getting the calls right first.

A couple weeks ago I finally got a chance to sit down with one of the departmental managers who’d interviewed me for the Team Leader position to get some actual feedback about the interview and to find out why they chose to not hire me for that job.  And it all basically boiled down to me having been out of work for so long, so they thought I’d be ‘too rusty’ and would take too long to get back up to speed as a manager.

He also ‘said’ they went back and forth about hiring me for the role with their boss, but in the end chose to have me reprove myself (my words, not his) and work myself back up to where I want to be.

Though it still confuses me a bit why they’d chose to put me on the phones, something I haven’t done in 7 or 8 years at least.  Why didn’t they just find some other role for me, maybe something administrative or whatnot.  I’ve got mad computer and report analysis skills they could have used to their benefit.  Oh well.

I can sort of understand their position, especially when I was out of work for most of a year and was interviewing with companies fairly regularly.  I suppose it concerned them that, despite all my experience, I wasn’t able to get a job in all that time.  Meaning there must have been a reason all those companies hadn’t hired me.

Of course I know what it was – I’m crap at interviews and have never truly been that good at selling myself.  LOL


That aside, he did say he didn’t expect me to stay on the phones for very long, and that he totally expected me to easily move up into another position once my probation is over. Providing there are positions available when that occurs of course.

Oh and he thinks I’ll completely blow the existing staff away in certain areas, mainly quality… which apparently I already have in my first week as I got a higher quality score than the majority of the existing staff.

I should hope so.. I come from a background in quality control and have created quality programs in the past.  If anything, I’d be completely disappointed if I hadn’t kicked all their asses from the start.  😉

I haven’t had the feedback yet, but apparently I received about a 20% higher score than the average in the department… The quality process was just implemented about 3 or 4 months ago and they’re finding it difficult to break all the bad habits the people already have.  I know I’ve sat there and listened to those around me thinking ‘How can you talk to a customer like that?’, but it’s not my place to say anything at this time.  Not to mention how negative most of the staff are, or how much they kicked up a fuss when the commissions/bonuses were cut due to them not hitting their quality targets.

Imagine that, a bonus that is based on actually performing ones job.  Shocking, huh?

Anyway, guess I’ll just have to see how this all pans out and whether there really will be something for me at the end of my probation.  If not, then it’ll be back to job hunting, which I so don’t want to do.


How mind-numbing is this?

One thought on “The New Job So Far

  1. ivansblogworld

    Glad you back posting, on the work front stick it out for say 6 months and then see how it pans out. They had a legitimate reason, but I perso ally find it harder and harder to get skilled people with experience who are willing to work. Bonus, now that’s so human. Complain complain but they must get paid a bonus. It’s like paying a salary for them just come to work then a bonus to do the actual tasks they were employed to do. How is the online dating going? Keep focused and keep that kick ass attitude you will impress someone sooner than later. Ivan

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