First Day Jitters


It was definitely odd getting up this morning for my first day at my new job. I’d gotten so used to not having to wake to an alarm clock over the past year that it was a shock having my mobile going off at 8am.


At the same time, I was interested (sort of excited) to see what the new job would bring me. Despite not really being nervous last night, I still had trouble getting to sleep.

Probably just the whole unknown of it all.

One thing that definitely struck me right off is how I’m easily a good 10 years older (if not more) than the rest of the newbies in my training group. It’s no big deal but I could easily see the difference between how they’re approaching the job and how I am.  Most of them were laid back, like starting a new job was no biggie.

Of course the age thing isn’t that big a deal as its nothing new really. At my old job I managed people of all ages, so it’s just a matter of finding a way to connect to them individually.


Now I knew going into this company I would run into a few people from my previous job, but I was amazed at how many I ran into today.  And not just from my old company, but from the company before that!  When we did a tour of the buildings, there was someone on pretty much every floor that I knew or at least recognised.  And not just people I used to manage, but also people I used to work alongside.

It got to the point where some of the others in my training group were commenting on how I knew everyone already.  Well.. maybe not everyone.  Yet.

It may just be me being a little stubborn about not being in a managerial position with this new company (really trying to move past that..), but I worry slightly about building these new working relationships with those people when I’m used to dealing with them on a different level.

Well, maybe ‘worry’ isn’t the wrong word since there wasn’t a single person I ran into today that I didn’t get along with already.  I think more it’ll be a bit odd (for me I guess) to have to deal with some of my old employees on an equal basis instead of from a managerial one.

I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Will probably just take me a bit of time to adjust my mind-set.


Being our first day, we didn’t really do that much in training.  Today was more for induction and to get to know each other since we’ll all be working together for the most part.  A couple of the guys in class know I also interviewed for the Team Leader role so are aware I come from a different level career-wise, but I doubt it’ll change how we interact with each other.

Though I don’t think the trainer knows yet.  Or at least he isn’t letting on that he does.

One interesting thing did happen today as I was coming back from lunch.  I ran into one of the managers that had interviewed me for the Team Leader role.  I’d promised myself if I had a chance I would ask for an opportunity to sit down and discuss why I wasn’t offered the Team Leader position since the HR representative didn’t really give me any feedback other than a stock answer (‘other people had more relevant experience’ or something).

So I asked and he was quite happy to go over it with me, and said he’d set aside some time later this week so we could discuss it.  I find that somewhat encouraging, especially since he’s well aware that I’m capable of much more than sitting on the phones servicing business accounts.. And said quite openly in my interview for the position I was offered that I was easily over-qualified.

And I can only hope that could lead to a possibility of moving up fairly quickly.  Provided I do a good job at the role they’ve given me of course.

Obviously I need to see how things go and not get myself too focused on that slim possibility.  Instead just need to put my head down, learn as much as I can, and do my best to shine right off the start.

Fingers still crossed though.  😉

New Job Asshole

5 thoughts on “First Day Jitters

  1. As was just pointed out to me, the grammar and such in that last meme is horrible.. Don’t blame me, I didn’t create it. Just liked the sentiment. LOL

  2. ivansblogworld

    Great post and it’s a blessing knowing all of the people you do at the company. You see the way I see it, is that if an opportunity arises they all know you so you in the front door already. Great news that the manger does and is willing to chat to you openly. But you have chutzpah and courage, and above all wisdom to do this. I hope that this first day leads to many happy days. Wishing you all the very best. Ivan. Oh maybe in the hidden crowd of people is a great guy for you too.

    • LOL guess one never knows what or who could be lurking in some hidden corner of the office I haven’t seen today. I’m not a fan of workplace romances, but anything is possible.. and if it’s the hot executive I ran into in the toilets today, even better. He was gorgeous! 😉

  3. aguywithoutboxers

    Nervous on the first day? It’s normal! Great post. Breathe deep. You’ll never have to re-live the first day, again. Best wishes for success on Day Two. You should be the Big Boss by Day Three! 🙂

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