Another Step Forward for Marriage Equality


marriage bill passes

That’s right, ladies and gents.. the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill has passed it’s third reading today in the UK House of Commons.  The Bill will extend the legal form of marriage to lesbian, gay and bisexual people and permit religious denominations to celebrate such marriages should they wish.

here_1And it didn’t just pass by a narrow margin either – 366 for to 161 against.

A nice big, overwhelming majority.  Just like it should be.

Of course, it isn’t finished just yet.  Next the bill would have to pass through the committee and reading stages with the House of Lords.  If passed by them, then it goes to the Queen to give her Royal Assent on the bill.  Once she has signed it, it becomes law.

As far as I am aware, as long as it passes the House of Lords, there shouldn’t be any issue with her Majesty signing the bill.  Back in March, she signed a charter in support of gay rights and gender equality within the Commonwealth, which (to me at least) shows her willingness to protect the rights of all of her subjects, regardless of their situation, gender or who they love.

It’s also great to see an organisation such as Stonewall ( at the forefront of the debate.. though it really isn’t surprising.  For those who’re unfamiliar with them, they are a gay, lesbian and bisexual charity.

Actually they are THE gay, lesbian and bisexuality charity in the UK, and are always leading the way for LGBT rights.  They also do a lot of work internationally by lobbying the UK government and European Union to use their influence through diplomacy and international aid programmes to support gay equality globally.

In fact, their ‘Some People Are Gay, Get Over It’ campaign spread around the world, spawning many imitations in multiple languages.

london buses

For more information about Stonewall’s campaign for equal marriage visit

3 thoughts on “Another Step Forward for Marriage Equality

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Way to go, UK! Perhaps now is a good time to think about recolonizing the USA and shed some enlightenment across the Atlantic! Thanks for sharing this, my blogging brother! 🙂

  2. ivansblogworld

    Excellent post. I think that media campaign is very well thought out. We must all move on. Live and let live. Ivan.

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